Future Forum North 2018

06 December 2018

All the news from our Future Forum North event, which looked at the impact of the financial resilience, leadership, children's services, and much more

AI 'will not reduce workforce size'

Manchester bombing was the 'toughest time in career' of council chief

Boylan: Government has lost enthusiasm for devolution

Gatenby Sanderson: Authenticity key in chief role

SOLACE president urges sector to be less humble

Whiteman: Bollocks to removing finance directors from top team

McRae: Get a grip on 'mysterious' DCS role

EY: We're wasting data

Pickup: Government still doesn't think sector is efficient

May's Brexit deal will leave UK worse off economically

Co-designed commissioning answer to outsourcing crisis

Heppolette: End 'feudal NHS structure to create place-based service

Sector divided and ruled, claims Leeds chief

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