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  • Offices for good?

    By Martin Forbes | March 7, 2024

    With office occupancy averaging around 30%, Martin Forbes of Local Partnerships reports on a campaign with ACES to explore the implications for the local government office workplace and to consider wider concerns.

  • View from the Hill

    By Greg Hayes | February 28, 2024

    The public sector faces an unprecedented landscape.

  • EDI – more than just letters

    By Anj Popat and Jo Major | February 20, 2024

    For recruiters it is more important than ever to ensure your equality, diversity and inclusion approach is clear and deep-rooted in your organisation, as Anj Popat and Jo Major explain.

  • View from the Hill

    By Greg Hayes | February 13, 2024

    While the opportunities are there, a considered and well supported step up is crucial for thriving in the demanding yet rewarding world of local government, says Greg Hayes.

  • Changing lanes

    By Peter O'Driscoll | February 6, 2024

    Peter O’Driscoll asks why moving to an open market model for parking is the right choice for councils.

  • The right tools for commercial success

    By Vivien Holland | January 25, 2024

    Local Partnership's toolkit for success in commercialism has been developed to help local and combined authorities and will help to keep any venture on track, says director Vivien Holland.

  • A Faer Point

    By Jason Wheatley | January 25, 2024

    'If we want employees to thrive and equip them with a clear sense of mission, we need to provide the tools, environment, development and support to do it', says partner at Faerfield Jason Wheatley.

  • A Faer Point

    By Ben Cox | December 14, 2023

    The leaders responsible for delivering demand-led services are forced to be reactive and problem-solving, says Ben Cox. 'This makes it very hard to occupy the optimistic, forward-focused mindset that’s needed to really innovate at a strategic level [..]

  • Demand more by demanding different

    By Nick Parker | December 12, 2023

    Nick Parker of Capita says: there is hope in the adult social care system – 'it may appear broken, but the people working within it are its strength – and there are solutions out there that can help them to meet the challenges they face every day'.

  • Help is at hand to tackle the housing challenge

    By Martin Walker | December 7, 2023

    Local Partnerships with financial support from the LGA has developed a tool in conjunction with Manchester City Council to help councils assess the scale of their homelessness challenge, says Martin Walker

  • Will Oflog stifle innovation?

    By Justin Galliford | December 7, 2023

    Chief executive officer of Norse Group Justin Galliford considers the impact the new watchdog will have on local government.

  • View from the Hill

    By Greg Hayes | November 29, 2023

    By partnering with a search firm that prioritises exceptional candidate experience councils can ultimately achieving their recruitment goals and enhancing their overall effectiveness, says Greg Hayes.