Chris Waterman

  • Footing the Bill

    17 June 2015

    Chris Waterman looks at the rhetoric and reality of the Education and Adoption Bill

  • Manifestly true?

    20 April 2015

    Chris Waterman unpicks the party manifestos to consider what role local authorities might be playing in education and children’s services after 8 May

  • Instead of Ofsted?

    23 March 2015

    Ofsted took a pounding last week with the publication of two highly critical reports into the Rotherham abuse and the Birmingham Trojan Horse scandal. Chris Waterman assesses the likelihood of a far-reaching post-election external review.

  • Putting the genie back in the bottle

    25 February 2015

    Chris Waterman writes on recent developments that have put personal, social, health and economic education back at the top of the educational agenda.

  • Are children’s services the fourth emergency solution?

    09 January 2015

    Chris Waterman analyses what the year ahead, either side of the General Election in May, has in store for the future direction and delivery of children’s services

  • Don’t de-couple the service

    05 September 2013

    Chris Waterman wonders if children’s services are next in line for nationalisation.

  • Not such a happy birthday

    21 May 2013

    Chris Waterman looks at the record of the coalition government on its third anniversary.

  • Pulling the plug on programmes in progress

    01 May 2013

    Chris Waterman looks at the unholy alliance between Michael Gove and Michael Wilshaw.

  • Exclusive: Must do better, Mr Gove

    08 November 2012

    Senior MPs lambast DfE failings on children's care as inquiries expose UK-wide problems.

  • 152 shades of localism

    23 October 2012

    Policy expert, Chris Waterman, goes through the looking glass to ponder curiouser effects of the localism lottery on children's services.

  • Time to revise school places

    19 September 2012

    Strategic planning for school places is not hard - but councils do not have the power to deal with the problem, says Chris Waterman.

  • The future of children's and adult's services

    01 November 2011

    Chris Waterman reports on the highlights from the National Children and Adult Services conference.

  • Who monitors education now?

    27 September 2011

    The Government’s wholesale abolition of independent educational organisations has left the Department for Education without the vital scrutiny that is needed to make effective policy, says Chris Waterman.

  • Is mobility going backwards?

    14 June 2011

    The Government’s plans for education could undermine hopes for tacking poverty and improving social mobility, says Chris Waterman.

  • A tale of two White Papers

    30 March 2011

    The two recent White Papers, on education and health, appear to be contradictory when it comes to children’s services, says Chris Waterman.