David Buck

David Buck

  • Perverse consequences of public health cutbacks

    09 June 2015

    David Buck rails against the £200m raid on public health budgets for its poor timing, naivety, and for forcing councils to adopt short-term plans for preventative services.

  • Priorities must come first

    21 January 2014

    Councils are in urgent need of practical guidance to shape their public health activities, writes David Buck, who signposts where health and wellbeing boards can find examples of what works

  • Inside View: Sex and drugs but no rock 'n' roll

    14 August 2013

    It now seems hard to believe, but before the health reforms, we had no idea how much was spent on public health as PCTs were simply left to spend what they wished from their overall NHS budgets.

  • Sex and drugs, (not) rock and roll

    08 August 2013

    David Buck from the King's Fund think-tank uses DCLG data to examine what local authorities are spending public health funding on.