Dr Jonathan Carr-West

Dr Jonathan Carr-West

Dr Jonathan Carr-West is chief executive of the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU)
  • The local is where the repairs begin

    30 April 2019

    The things these elections should really be about – homes, schools, high streets, care and children’s services - are being fatally undermined by dysfunctional national politics, says Dr Jonathan Carr-West.

  • Start the democratic therapy process

    27 March 2019

    Local elections will be taking place against a Brexit backdrop - but Dr Jonathan Carr-West argues the problems created by democracy can only be solved by more democracy.

  • Squeezed and broken

    19 February 2019

    Dr Jonathan Carr-West urges local government to make a unified case for greater funding, by seizing the moment in the run-up to the Spending Review

  • Be the talk of the town (hall)

    16 January 2019

    The way we talk about councils really matters, says Dr Jonathan Carr-West – and it’s time to speak up for local government and reclaim the powerful origins of the word ‘municipal’

  • The extra-ordinary people doing extraordinary things

    21 November 2018

    The individual councillors celebrated in the LGiU C’llr Achievement Awards are part of the glue that holds civic life together, says Dr Jonathan Carr-West

  • Politics may be coming home

    17 October 2018

    Local government had a ‘pretty good showing’ during the party conferences says Dr Jonathan Carr-West. He hopes it could be the start of a much-needed public debate on the local state

  • Care cash treats the symptoms not the cause of the crisis

    02 October 2018

    Following Matt Hancock's announcement of extra care cash for care, Dr Jonathan Carr-West says the money is not enough to halt the collapse of the system

  • Bridging the Gap

    11 September 2018

    Dr Jonathan Carr-West asks: how do we move from a place of fiscal precariousness to one of stability?

  • Bridging the political divide

    04 July 2018

    As new communities secretary James Brokenshire makes his maiden speech at this year’s LGA conference, Dr Jonathan Carr-West hopes he can close the divide between central and local government and address the core issues of money, power and geography.

  • Building trust in democracy

    01 May 2018

    With the local elections taking place today, Dr Jonathan Carr-West says: get the processes right and the results will follow, especially when seeking to ensure faith in the system of democracy

  • What constitutes failure?

    28 March 2018

    Bringing commissioners into crisis-hit Northamptonshire CC forces us to think about the value we put on local control and agency, argues Dr Jonathan Carr-West.

  • What do we talk about when we talk about finance?

    20 February 2018

    If we want to encourage and nurture a better conversation about local resourcing, councils need to take the lead in making that happen. But how do they do that, asks Dr Jonathan Carr-West.

  • Change doesn't just happen; it's a process

    16 January 2018

    Change is vital, but those trying to affect change must truly understand what's going on at ground level, argues Dr Jonathan Carr-West.

  • Jonathan Carr-West: Finance settlement was cautious and underwhelming

    19 December 2017

    Dr Jonathan Carr-West argues the local government finance settlement was cautious and underwhelming, but represents some progress.

  • Is there a crisis in representative democracy?

    23 October 2017

    With participative democracy on the rise, but Jonathan Carr-West says it is important we do not get too carried away with the idea that representative politics is broken.

  • We must revisit the role of local government

    13 September 2017

    With the political landscape in flux and mayors pushing the boundaries of their original remit, now is the time to remake the case for a constitutional settlement, argues Dr Jonathan Carr-West.

  • An exercise in trust building

    02 August 2017

    We need to put the trust back into local government at a time when politics is garnering very little – and dialogue and engagement are the first steps to achieving this, says Dr Jonathan Carr-West

  • What alternatives are we offering?

    05 July 2017

    A desire for local government to lead by example rather than wait on Westminster is gaining momentum, but there is still some heavy-duty lifting to be done, as Dr Jonathan Carr-West explains.

  • Building trust in a post-truth age

    30 May 2017

    Local government must lead the way in a new world where truth is no longer the gold standard, writes Dr Jonathan Carr-West

  • Election fever and engagement

    02 May 2017

    The chances of things changing dramatically are slim if we continue, as citizens and as public servants, to treat elections as a transactional function of democracy, writes Dr Jonathan Carr-West.