Eric Bohl

  • Mastering the art of commercial destiny

    20 August 2019

    Solace has been considering how councils should best participate in the market. Eric Bohl reports on local government’s investment areas, and outlines the key tests for commercial plans.

  • When all the housing markets are broken

    18 June 2019

    Eric Bohl argues that local government needs to campaign assertively on a range of housing issues in order to benefit from, take part in and shape the market, as well as deliver on local priorities.

  • How to develop some ‘outside-in’ disruption

    19 November 2015

    Eric Bohl offers an introduction to the new Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE) publication, Towards Outside-in

  • When commissioning tribes go to war

    22 October 2015

    If commissioning is to deliver a new future for public services, we need to make sense of the competing ideas about what it means, argues Eric Bohl

  • Time for strategic commissioning to deliver

    27 November 2012

    Eric Bohl previews SOLACE's winter conference on strategic commissioning.

  • When the salami's gone

    16 October 2012

    Eric Bohl introduces SOLACE's new guide to commissioning and sourcing.

  • Expanding or contracting?

    03 October 2012

    Ahead of the publication of SOLACE's new guide to commissioning and sourcing, Eric Bohl explores how outsourcing can work.

  • Is this the age of the mutual?

    13 December 2011

    Eric Bohl and below Joe Thomas look at the future role of mutuals in service provision.

  • New ways of modernising libraries

    18 October 2011

    Eric Bohl says libraries don't feel the need to feel they are living on borrowed time with a whole raft of initiatives to help improve services.