Heather Wakefield

  • The local government workforce: equal by default

    19 August 2021

    The APSE Commission message is clear: we need a well-trained, properly rewarded workforce to meet local public services’ future challenges, says Heather Wakefield.

  • Still suffering post-suffrage

    08 March 2018

    The stark inequality in local government and beyond will only be reversed if forced by women, Heather Wakefield argues.

  • Gender disparity is alive and well

    20 September 2017

    Does local government work for women? The answer is a firm ‘no’, according to Heather Wakefield, as she examines the shocking results of a recent report by the Fawcett Society’s Local Government Commission.

  • Why 1% is not an option

    19 July 2017

    Heather Wakefield argues it’s time for the Treasury to put its hands in its pockets for vital workers in schools and councils.

  • Living wage should be paid to all council workers

    06 September 2013

    What do decent pay and conditions and economic growth have in common?