Rob Whiteman

Rob Whiteman

Rob Whiteman is chief executive of CIPFA
  • Working towards collective responsibility in financial management

    10 October 2019

    Rob Whiteman says CIPFA’s Financial Management (FM) code launched today will provide consistent standards for the sector, rooted in transparency.

  • Rebuilding trust is a long-term ambition

    06 August 2019

    Making local authority accounts more accessible to the modern-day user will help us shape a more transparent tomorrow, says Rob Whiteman

  • Dear Chancellor

    24 July 2019

    As the dust settles on the Conservative leadership announcements, the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy’s (CIPFA) Rob Whiteman writes an open letter to the new Chancellor Sajid Javid hoping for bold, transformative action.

  • Talking about tomorrow today

    03 July 2019

    How can local leaders ensure the continued health of local government finances and deliver sustainable services, but recapture and retain the faith of their communities in their ability to achieve this? Rob Whiteman explains what needs to be done.

  • We need leaders who give optimism that a way through must be found

    26 June 2019

    Rob Whiteman says the expertise and insight of the public finance profession is fundamental to shaping sustainable services in the age of austerity.

  • It’s time to scrutinise scrutiny arrangements

    21 June 2019

    A round table discussion highlighted key questions about what the Government should be doing, says Rob Whiteman, including whether, in the absence of an Audit Commission, it should provide some oversight and coordination to review common themes.

  • Crafting a solution for our sector’s funding

    22 May 2019

    What the whole local government sector needs most is ‘stable, future-proofed planning’, says Rob Whiteman, and a one-year delay to the outcome of the fair funding review could be part of this process.

  • Prevention is better than cure

    14 May 2019

    CIPFA and Public Health England have developed a framework for measuring and evaluating preventative interventions. Rob Whiteman says it takes a holistic view, using cost-benefit analysis to encourage long-term thinking and sustainability.

  • Whiteman: A new code is needed

    03 April 2019

    Chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, Rob Whiteman, says a new financial management code is vital after a decade of austerity.

  • How to get back on track

    20 February 2019

    What the chancellor must do in the Spending Review is tell a coherent story; one that allows for the radical and bold change that puts Government on to a sustainable financial pathway, says Rob Whiteman.

  • Is Government penny wise, pound foolish?

    09 January 2019

    As councils turn more towards commercialism, now is the right time to consider if the public audit model is fit for purpose, Rob Whiteman believes

  • With no long term solutions, the Budget is more trickery than treats

    01 November 2018

    Rather than offering the long-term funding needed by public services, the chancellor dressed up short term cash splurges as the easing of austerity, says Rob Whiteman

  • Critical thinking for critical times

    15 August 2018

    CIPFA’s Rob Whiteman highlights the need for bold, detailed planning and decision-making to stem the tide as local authorities continue to provide services while lobbying for much needed resources from Government.

  • Should the sector be speaking with one voice?

    24 January 2018

    Local government lacks whole-sector leadership and therefore vision, writes Rob Whiteman.

  • Brexit cannot allow ministers to run roughshod over communities

    27 September 2017

    Meaningful fiscal devolution is an imperative after Brexit, argues Rob Whiteman.

  • Politics is never about a single isolated issue

    14 June 2017

    I don’t think anyone can really suggest UK politics lacks excitement right now. The past 12 months have provided one surprise after another, the latest being the new Conservative/DUP arrangements.

  • Finance officers must be prepared for General Election shocks

    26 April 2017

    Councils need to ensure their budgets are resilient, whatever the outcome of the General Election, warns Rob Whiteman.

  • Cash-strapped councils are in need of a lending hand

    08 March 2017

    It is now more important than ever for councils to be given greater borrowing freedoms if they are to rescue their beleaguered budgets, writes Rob Whiteman.

  • The shifting sands of local government pension schemes

    18 January 2017

    Rob Whiteman looks at the challenges ahead for local government pension schemes as government reforms take shape.

  • Demands for the chancellor

    16 November 2016

    Councils need a medium-term solutions and not an annual sticking plaster from next week's Autumn Statement, says Rob Whiteman