Tracy Bingham

Tracy Bingham

  • Getting the hybrid model right can improve our workplace culture

    18 May 2022

    If we can get the hybrid work model right in local government we can improve our workplace culture, since women will want to stay, and, in turn, we’ll do a bit more in closing the gender pay gap, says Tracy BIngham.

  • Getting our finance workforce offer right

    04 May 2022

    In the wake of ‘The Great Resignation’ and a skills shortage impacting local government finance teams, Tracy Bingham looks at the scale of the recruitment and retention challenge and how it should best be tackled.

  • I crave the days when our annual financial cycle was just that

    22 February 2022

    Tracy Bingham realises the world of finance directors and their work is only going to get more uncertain and complex.

  • A busy summer through to autumn of future funding consultations lies ahead

    14 April 2021

    The outmoded system of local government financing means huge disparities between councils’ funding levels continue and the sector faces a real medium-term period of uncertainty that has been knocking on the door for years, says Tracy Bingham.

  • Section 25 statements provide crucial context

    03 March 2021

    Tracy Bingham underlines the importance during these times of Section 25 statements made by chief finance officers. They offer an indicator 'for elected members for how financially secure (and indeed insecure) their council is or could be in the future'.

  • Give districts full freedoms on precepts

    18 January 2021

    Why not remove precepts entirely for all local authorities and leave increases to be determined at the (local) ballot box, says The MJ's new Money Matters' columnist Tracy Bingham.