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22 12 Best-Practice Best Practice


  • Meeting the needs of looked after children in Oxfordshire

    By Lara Patel | February 21, 2019

    The use of iMPOWER’s Valuing Care needs measurement approach in Oxfordshire has led to a better appreciation of the needs of looked-after children, says Lara Patel.

  • Collaboration is key in delivering the SEND reforms – a reflection on inspection

    By Caroline Marriot | February 21, 2019

    Organisations in Milton Keynes were described by Ofsted and the CQC as ‘united in their ambition for children and young people with SEND to achieve the very best outcomes’. Caroline Marriott reflects on the inspection.

  • Making profound cultural change in social care

    By Sue Grace | February 15, 2019

    Sue Grace explains how a new case management IT system for staff supporting vulnerable adults and adults with learning disabilities has contributed to cultural change and transformed the working practices of Cambridgeshire's social care staff.

  • Empowering the people

    By Jim Carrington-West | February 15, 2019

    Sevenoaks DC has worked hard to embed a leadership culture and has its own masterclass programme to support established and aspiring managers. Jim Carrington-West describes the council’s unique approach

  • We’re delivering a digital Dorset

    By Penny Mell | February 12, 2019

    As Dorset Councils Partnership transitions into one new council, Penny Mell shows how the combined workforce organisation has focused on digital skills development with the aim of creating a digitally inclusive culture

  • Eleven heads in Herts are better than one for public health

    February 12, 2019

    A strong partnership of 11 local authorities in Hertfordshire including the public health department in the county council has together delivered more than 213 public health projects, says Ciceley Scarborough.

  • Tackling unauthorised encampments

    By Jan Britton | February 12, 2019

    Jan Britton describes how Sandwell MBC is leading the way in tackling unauthorised encampments. Working with West Midlands Police, the council has established a fast-track approach to dealing with groups with caravans as soon as they arrive.

  • Recycling that makes a difference

    By David Banks | January 31, 2019

    Each Christmas Rushcliffe BC collects food and clothes for a local homeless charity - and the waste teams take huge pride in collecting the thousands of items that are picked up at the same time residents put out their wheeled bins, says David Banks

  • Bucking the trend – the Durham way

    By Terry Collins | January 31, 2019

    Durham Council is heading towards its 10th anniversary as a unitary authority. Terry Collins explains how despite continuing economic challenges, a vision for growth is coming to fruition against a backdrop of austerity.

  • Breaking down the barriers to action

    By Lee Howell and Michelle Eaton | January 30, 2019

    Offices of Data Analytics are changing the way public sector organisations, including councils, work by creating multi-organisational actionable insight from information that would otherwise be in a silo. Michelle Eaton of Nesta explains

  • Bexley’s six pillars

    By Jacky Tiotto | January 30, 2019

    Jacky Tiotto describes the six elements that drove the overall improvement and development of children’s services in Bexley LBC and took the council from an Ofsted judgement of inadequacy in 2012 to an outstanding rating in 2018

  • A council’s culture eats its strategies for breakfast, dinner and tea

    By Donna Hall | January 29, 2019

    Rip up all those wordy strategies that hardly anyone even reads. They just don’t work, says Donna Hall. She describes a better way for council chief executives and leaders to spend their time.