Private Sector

  • EDI – more than just letters

    By Anj Popat and Jo Major | February 13, 2024

    For recruiters it is more important than ever to ensure your equality, diversity and inclusion approach is clear and deep-rooted in your organisation, as Anj Popat and Jo Major explain.

  • View from the Hill

    By Greg Hayes | February 6, 2024

    While the opportunities are there, a considered and well supported step up is crucial for thriving in the demanding yet rewarding world of local government, says Greg Hayes.

  • Changing lanes

    By Peter O'Driscoll | February 5, 2024

    Peter O’Driscoll asks why moving to an open market model for parking is the right choice for councils.

  • The right tools for commercial success

    By Vivien Holland | January 23, 2024

    Local Partnership's toolkit for success in commercialism has been developed to help local and combined authorities and will help to keep any venture on track, says director Vivien Holland.

  • A Faer Point

    By Jason Wheatley | January 23, 2024

    'If we want employees to thrive and equip them with a clear sense of mission, we need to provide the tools, environment, development and support to do it', says partner at Faerfield Jason Wheatley.

  • A Faer Point

    By Ben Cox | December 13, 2023

    The leaders responsible for delivering demand-led services are forced to be reactive and problem-solving, says Ben Cox. 'This makes it very hard to occupy the optimistic, forward-focused mindset that’s needed to really innovate at a strategic level [..]

  • Demand more by demanding different

    By Nick Parker | December 11, 2023

    Nick Parker of Capita says: there is hope in the adult social care system – 'it may appear broken, but the people working within it are its strength – and there are solutions out there that can help them to meet the challenges they face every day'.

  • Help is at hand to tackle the housing challenge

    By Martin Walker | December 4, 2023

    Local Partnerships with financial support from the LGA has developed a tool in conjunction with Manchester City Council to help councils assess the scale of their homelessness challenge, says Martin Walker


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If we are to tackle the climate crisis, we need to start with homes. Simon Hourihan explains some of the research being carried out to make developments more sustainable in the future

Penna view: The demand for levelling up talent is rising

As the focus on levelling up in amplified, Pete John says the demand to fill regeneration and place roles is high.

Designing the future of care systems

During the pandemic we have all learned that working online is more than just moving the existing processes online. How we work and even what we do needs to be designed for the medium. We recently supported a design workshop with a number of authorities and the consensus was very clear that design methods have come on leaps and bounds in placing the customer at the centre, some are less effective at determining whether we have built the future we need.

Government's housing test is 'toothless,' consultancy claims

Government measures to push councils into meeting their housing targets are ‘toothless’, a development consultancy has claimed.

Government appoints Arup-led consortium for £3.6bn Towns Fund delivery

The engineering company Arup has been appointed to lead a consortium to help local authorities access the £3.6bn Towns Fund.

The hot commodity in housing

George Agyemang of Penna looks at the rising demand for interims in development, planning and regeneration.

From the archive

Authority in line to lose £10m if club is wound up

Northampton BC’s attempts to recoup a £10.25m loan to a football club have gone into extra time after the taxman issued a winding up notice.

Enfield ends ‘unacceptable’ £6bn redevelopment deal with Barratt

Barratt Developments’ partnership with Enfield LBC to deliver a £6bn landmark regeneration project over 20 years has been terminated after the council rejected the developer’s ‘unacceptable’ terms.

Partners for progress

Sam Clayden reports on the recent MJ/Pinnacle round table where joint-venture partnerships was the topic of conversation as well as the need for a long-term approach to place management and community stewardship.