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    • Heather Jameson

    Addressing health inequalities is in the sector’s hands

    By Heather Jameson | February 26, 2020

    The Marmot review shows a stalling in life expectancy. Heather Jameson says the figures are 'a shaming indictment of a country that is moving backwards, failing in the very basic ambition of making each generation's life better than the last'.

    • Michael Burton

    Who will win the battle of the Budget?

    By Michael Burton | February 26, 2020

    The new chancellor has eye-wateringly little headroom in the Budget, says Michael Burton - so will he opt for more spending to 'level up' the regions or keep the books balanced? There are 50 parliamentary seats at stake, he warns.

  • #MyTown - a southern perspective

    February 26, 2020

    There is a real risk of ministers overlooking areas in the South which are also in need of a leg up from Whitehall, says Corinne Day.

    Will devo be lost in translation?

    By Kathy O'Leary | February 26, 2020

    What next for districts and devolution, asks Kathy O'Leary. Are there lessons we can learn from Japan?

    • Paul O'Brien

    There’s no quick fix to tackling climate change

    By Paul O'Brien | February 25, 2020

    If local councils are to capitalise on the zeitgeist of the climate emergency then they need some serious money and new powers – and time is of the essence, argues Paul O’Brien.

    • Andrew Carter

    Failure to act on tackling air pollution would be deadly

    By Andrew Carter | February 25, 2020

    With more than one in 19 deaths in UK cities and large towns caused by toxic air, the UK Government needs to take action urgently, says Andrew Carter. There are also steps that city leaders can take to improve the air of their constituents, he adds.

    • Rob Whiteman

    A Budget isn't what's needed

    By Rob Whiteman | February 25, 2020

    By nature a Budget is short-term, says Rob Whiteman. He argues that while more funding is always welcome it does not solve the systemic funding crises facing many areas of the public sector.

    Retail with a sting in the tale

    By Bob Kean | February 24, 2020

    The decision to reduce the rateable value of Amazon’s Rugeley Fulfilment Centre has had a major local impact on council finances – and there are wider implications for the sector, says Bob Kean

    • Jonathan Werran

    This year’s model

    By Jonathan Werran | February 24, 2020

    As the tenth Conservative housing minister in a decade assumes the position, Localis chief executive Jonathan Werran assesses the political and policy challenges in the light of last week’s reshuffle.

  • Business rates’ broader debate

    February 21, 2020

    Planning for financial uncertainty, robust data and timely information around business rates appeals, are vital for good risk management, argues Joanne Pitt

    Predicting the workplace of 2021 (and beyond)

    By Dr Nicola Millard | February 21, 2020

    In a lively session at The MJ’s recent Future Forum North event in Manchester Dr Nicola Millard, principal innovation partner at BT, looked ahead at tomorrow’s workplace. Here she outlines the seven ‘Ds’ shaping the future of work

    Future Forum North: A partnership to deliver effective urban renewal

    By Sir Michael Lyons | February 21, 2020

    The English Cities Fund, a partnership between development and investment, presented a session on its projects at the Future Forum North. Its chairman Sir Michael Lyons describes its approach