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    A shared passion for regeneration in Salford

    By Phil Mayall and Jim Taylor | June 26, 2019

    Ten years ago, the English Cities Fund and Salford City Council submitted a plan for a scheme that would change the skyline of Salford, Greater Manchester and leave a vital legacy. Phil Mayall and Jim Taylor tell the story of the partnership.

    The Lexicon: Making it Happen

    By Victor Nicholls | June 25, 2019

    Bringing Bracknell’s Lexicon project to life was a complex undertaking, says Victor Nicholls – with the local authority’s entrepreneurial role and management of political strategy key to delivery.

    Making modular work in Birmingham

    By Cllr Sharon Thompson | June 24, 2019

    Birmingham City Council completes its first modular home this month. Cllr Sharon Thompson describes how the implementation of modern methods of construction (MMC) is the ‘real game changer’ that can help address the housing shortage.

    Clearing the air – a moral duty

    By Steve Rotheram | June 24, 2019

    Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region Steve Rotheram outlines the action the combined authority is taking to improve air quality and address the threat posed by climate change.

    Merging the best of both sectors to create new garden communities

    By Andy Jarrett | June 24, 2019

    Andy Jarrett explains how joint ventures and garden towns – including the Otterpool Park joint venture+ between Folkstone and Hythe DC and Cozumel Estates, for up to 10,000 homes – will help the Government achieve its housing target.

    • Rob Whiteman

    It’s time to scrutinise scrutiny arrangements

    By Rob Whiteman | June 21, 2019

    A round table discussion highlighted key questions about what the Government should be doing, says Rob Whiteman, including whether, in the absence of an Audit Commission, it should provide some oversight and coordination to review common themes.

    When all the housing markets are broken

    By Eric Bohl | June 21, 2019

    Eric Bohl argues that local government needs to campaign assertively on a range of housing issues in order to benefit from, take part in and shape the market, as well as deliver on local priorities.

    Our chance to build

    By Tony Clements | June 21, 2019

    Tony Clements looks at the large-scale work Ealing LBC has embarked on to provide affordable homes, which is being mirrored by councils across the country, and says that in the shadow of crisis now is the time to show we can deliver.

    • Tracie Evans

    Going for growth at Homes England

    By Tracie Evans | June 21, 2019

    Homes England is almost doubling in size. This rapid ramp-up comes with some sizable problems, says Tracie Evans. The biggest challenge is for the existing and new cohorts to work collaboratively to co-create a 'bold and fearless culture'.

    Shaping careers for the nation

    By Ben Houchen | June 21, 2019

    Tees Valley Combined Authority has been awarded a Careers Hub extension after being involved in the Department for Education’s first national pilot to improve careers support for young people. Ben Houchen outlines the region’s winning approach.

    Accelerating positive change with shared perspectives

    By Paul Little | June 21, 2019

    Paul Little outlines how the range of new perspectives and experiences he encountered with colleagues throughout England while on the Accelerate course has helped him rise to the challenge of setting up combined health and social care teams.

    Driving ahead with a new cultural and tourism strategy

    By Sheila Oxtoby | June 21, 2019

    Great Yarmouth BC is finalising a new strategy aligning its tourism and cultural offers, says Sheila Oxtoby - and alongside this it is shaping a 'place story' to support promotion.