Solace Summit 2015

Solace Summit 2015

As the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives meet in Bournemouth for the annual Summit, keep up to date with all the latest developments here…..


SOLACE Summit: Dawes wants devo offers that cannot be refused

SOLACE Summit: Dawes wants devo offers that cannot be refused

The Department of Communities and Local Government’s (DCLG) permanent secretary has told council chief executives to present Whitehall with devolution offers it cannot refuse.

Northamptonshire leader pushes for funding overhaul

Northamptonshire CC have called for changes to funding mechanisms in the face of a massive overspend and a possible raid on reserves.

SOLACE Summit: 'Push it in their face'

The head of the National Audit Office has urged senior council officers to gather evidence and hold government to account.

MPs criticise education funding

The Pupil Premium is failing students from poorer backgrounds, according to the House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee.

SOLACE Summit: Rogers fed up being treated like child

The president of the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE) has called for a ‘new psychological contract’ between the sector and Whitehall.

Plaid Cymru to scrap social care charges

Plaid Cymru has pledged to abolish social care charges for the elderly and those with dementia if it wins the next Welsh Government elections.

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Credit where it’s due

SOLACE Summit: Dawes wants devo offers that cannot be refused

Councillors may be part of their local community but familiarity seems to breed contempt. Professor Colin Copus argues that the detailed work they do is often overlooked when it should be applauded.

Making devolution work

Life is studded with ephemeral moments that need to be grasped, writes chief executive of Localis Alex Thomson.

Seeking a sustainable future

Tony Kirkham shares financial management solutions from a landmark meeting of local government treasurers.

Keeping it real

SOLACE president Mark Rogers explains to delegates at its annual summit why local government must be versatile and adaptable in order to stay relevant and credible

It’s a buyers’ market for jobs – if you’re the right buyer

The local government jobs market is alive with activity. Michael Burton explores the exodus of senior staff and the changing skillset of those occupying the top role.

It’s local government’s time to step up

When I wrote my comment last week, I didn’t think George Osborne would be quite so obliging, quite so soon, writes Heather Jameson.

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Best Practice

Using data on the frontline

Using data on the frontline

Data analysis is an integral part of Newcastle's social work units. It can draw specific insights, including opportunities for early intervention and likely case trajectories. Mick McCracken explains.


Two’s company

Two’s company

An INLOGOV report recommends district councils should seize the devolutionary moment by taking the lead role in shaping collaborative behaviours. Cllr Neil Clarke explains.

Private sector

£120m development for Peterborough’s South Bank

A joint venture between Peterborough City Council and Lucent Strategic Land Fund has unveiled plans for a £120m development.

Croydon gets green light for £1bn retail development

The Government has given the green light to Croydon LBC’s plans to compulsory purchase the land required for a £1bn retail development.

Harlow brings services back in-house

Harlow DC is expected to become the latest council to bring an outsourced service back in-house and re-launch it as a local authority-owned company.