Chief executives criticise exit payment cap

Chief executives criticise exit payment cap

Council chief executives have given short shrift to government plans for a new £95,000 cap on exit payments.

Public health cut 'short-sighted'

The Government’s proposed in-year cut to the public health budget is ‘short-sighted, short-term and unwarranted,’ council chiefs have said.

LGA chair Porter given peerage

Local Government Association (LGA) chairman Gary Porter has been unveiled as a new Tory peer in the dissolution honours list.

Mersey mayor could be in devo deal

An elected mayor could be included in Merseyside’s proposed devolution deal despite reservations from some council leaders who have demanded a referendum on the issue.

One Year From Jay: Rotherham could 'win back powers in 2017'

The head of the intervention team sent in to turn around Rotherham MBC hopes to hand back ‘some or all powers’ by May 2017.

Councils defend use of bailiffs

Councils have defended their council tax collection strategies after figures showed they referred 2.1m debts to bailiffs last year.

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Is London local government capable of dealing with devo?

Chief executives criticise exit payment cap

The London Assembly is too often forgotten about in the debate over the capital's future, writes MP for Harrow West Gareth Thomas.

Local government is missing important trick

Mark Rogers says devolution has pitched council against council and LEP against LEP while central government stands on the sidelines yelling ‘faster, faster; more, more, now, now!’

Delay alone won't solve our problems

Delaying a proposed cap on the cost of care will prove to be a hard move for the Government to make – but the LGA feels the financial realities must be considered. Izzi Seccombe explains.

Provision must be local

Adam Fineberg argues the case for local authorities being the chief source of local public expenditure and frontline service.

Districts should welcome Sunday trading powers

One of the policy announcements in the Summer Budget was a proposal to devolve decision-making on Sunday opening hours for larger shops. Ian Miller welcomes the move.

No quiet summer for lawyers

Summer is not a quiet time for local government lawyers, as the summer break provides an opportunity for Parliament and other bodies to publish consultations and inquiries, writes LLG vice president Bev Cullen.

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Best Practice

Is help at hand for UK housing?

Is help at hand for UK housing?

Are you housing business-ready? Judith Armitt looks at the challenges and opportunities councils face and how the Government’s focus on housing has prompted new partnerships.


Figures bring mixed news

Figures bring mixed news

There is good news and bad news in the latest public finance figures, writes Michael Burton.

Private sector

Unions back bin collection switch

Liverpool workers have backed plans to transfer bin collection services to a council-owned company.

Consortium to build £5.3m visitor centre in Sherwood Forest

A consortium led by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is expected to build and manage a new £5.3m visitor centre in the home of Robin Hood – Sherwood Forest.

Shared services ‘double’ since 2010

Shared services in local government have doubled since the 2010 Spending Review to nearly £100m, according to the arvato UK Quarterly Outsourcing Index.