County Councils Network prioritises 'radical devolution'

County Councils Network prioritises 'radical devolution'

A vision featuring ‘flexible and bold devolution plans’ is laid out by the chairman-elect of the County Councils Network today.

Skills minister introduces council scorecards

Councils will now be able to see how well they are getting young people into education, employment or training compared to other authorities, with the launch of a new annual scorecard.

Councils join forces for greater clout

Six local authorities have joined forces to form a new partnership designed to give northeast London more clout in negotiations over funding and powers.

Council expects to recover most of lost Iceland money

A local authority which lost £12.9m following the collapse of an Icelandic bank looks set to recover the majority of its money.

District housing plans under threat

Districts could be forced to scrap plans to build an extra 42,000 homes over the next 30 years if social housing rents are lowered, a new survey has warned.

Services 'pushed to tipping point'

Vital environmental health services have been pushed to a ‘tipping point’ and further cuts could lead to food poisoning outbreaks and a rise in antisocial behaviour.

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Bill of bad omens

County Councils Network prioritises 'radical devolution'

There is an urgent need for more homes and councils should be given the flexibility to provide them, argues Mark Rogers.

Should councillors now be at the heart of the debate?

It has been a (or another) busy few days for Birmingham City Council, which prompts Heather Jameson to ask whether there should be a increased focus on councillors.

A ‘critical friend’

Susan Martin describes the newly-established part that ‘substitutes’ will play in the London Pension Fund Authority’s pension boards.

Time to make an impact

Secretary of State, Greg Clark, says a lot can be learned nationally from local government’s problem-solving abilities, and maps out his vision for further devolution of powers.

An alternative to the big six

With the average UK household currently spending around £1,200 on energy each year, energy prices have turned up the heat on politicians, writes Paul O'Brien.

There’s no quick fix

The growing gap in social care funding has led to a crisis of confidence from directors of adult social services, and Ray James feels that the upcoming Spending Review is vital to addressing this.

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Best Practice

Disaster planning in a brave new world

Disaster planning in a brave new world

New technologies are rapidly changing the nature of disaster management and local authorities must work to keep up, says Richard Stokoe.


The money makers

The money makers

Dan Peters reports on the results of a joint The MJ, LGN and Localis study in which local authorities have highlighted income generation as a vital part of their survival.

Private sector

Councils waste £14m/year keying in data

Around two million man-hours are being wasted every year through council staff manually keying in data from online services, according to a new survey.

Kingston scoops £10m Lidl headquarters deal

Kingston RLBC has signed a £10m with Lidl that will see the budget supermarket chain move its UK headquarters to the London borough.

BCSC calls for more public/private deals

The British Council of Shopping Centres (BCSC) has called for more private and public sector collaboration to help regenerate town centres around the country.