Labour MPs hit out at finance settlement

Labour MPs hit out at finance settlement

Communities secretary Greg Clark came under fire yesterday as the finance settlement was debated in the House of Commons.

Ealing LBC to confirm new chief executive

The former Bolton MBC boss is expected to be named the new chief executive of Ealing LBC, The MJ understands.

Tory councillors urge Cameron to push for Brexit

More than 100 Conservative councillors have warned prime minister David Cameron he has no choice but to campaign to leave the European Union (EU).

Councils should get first refusal on right to buy resales

A senior MP has suggested councils and housing associations should be given first refusal on right to buy properties resold within a decade.

LGA hits back at 'unfair' council tax claim

Local authorities are justified in using council tax to expedite the delivery of new homes on to the market, the Local Government Association (LGA) has said.

Great Western Cities 'big opportunity' for British economy

The Severn region has the potential to become Britain’s next major economic ‘powerhouse,’ according to a new report launched today.

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Local government on the brink

Labour MPs hit out at finance settlement

The combined authorities initiative, hailed as ‘English devolution’ to empower local government, is not what it seems, warn professor Steve Leach and former LGiU chief Dennis Reed

There's digital gold in those hills

Andrew Burns considers how analysis of digital data represents a goldmine for local government as the finance settlement fundamentally shifts the agenda

Silent revolution?

Recent government initiatives are resulting in councils needing to take a fresh, calm look at how they provide services for the public – which could be a good thing in the long run. James Hawkins and Helen Randall explain

Learning from Berlin

As the Housing Bill works its way through the Lords, Paul Wheeler explains why local government could do well to learn from Berlin's approach to construction and rents

Not the finished article

Paul McFarlane explains why the new draft Public Sector Exit Payments Regulations are unnecessarily complicated and likely to be unhelpful

What's in a name?

Ian Miller sets a challenge for local government over a divisive term that puts at risk historic collaboration between councils

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Best Practice

A survey which asks the experts – the users

A survey which asks the experts – the users

Staff in the disability quality team at Gloucestershire CC have launched an innovative survey tool which has been so successful it won last year’s Excellence in Community Engagement category in The MJ Awards


A bold future

A bold future

Cornwall Council’s new chief executive Kate Kennally talks to Thomas Bridge about her plans, how to raise the number of women in top local government jobs and what termination of the BT-Cornwall deal means for the council’s approach to outsourcing

Private sector

£250m Aberdeen City Deal boosts gas and oil industry

Town hall leaders have hailed the signing of a £250m City Deal for Aberdeen as a boost for the region’s struggling North Sea gas and oil industry.

Micro-moments key in talent war

Have you ever picked up your smartphone while you’re in a queue, shopping, commuting or watching TV to check a fact, buy something or find a fix on the fly?

Jobs move to London criticised

Council leaders and local MPs have criticised plans to close a regional government office in Sheffield.