UPDATED: Police pledge to 'fully investigate' Tower Hamlets concerns

UPDATED: Police pledge to 'fully investigate' Tower Hamlets concerns

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has pledged to ‘fully investigate’ any allegations after Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman was found guilty of corrupt and illegal practices.

Council will not replace chief executive

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council will combine the role of chief executive with its director for education in light of the forthcoming local government reorganisation.

EXCLUSIVE: Clegg’s power pledge

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has vowed to restore English local government’s status as a ‘powerhouse’ should the party help form the next Government.

New arrangements for Rotherham MBC agreed

Details of how the Government-appointed commissioners will oversee Rotherham MBC have now been agreed.

Right to Buy extension 'uncertainties' could undermine flagship Tory policy, IFS claims

Leading public finance experts have warned uncertain assumptions around the Conservative’s flagship manifesto Right to Buy commitment could result in a counterproductive further depletion of the nation’s housing stock were the policy adopoted.

Mayor 'shocked' after election declared void

Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman has been left ‘shocked’ after being barred from standing in a re-run of the May 2014 poll that elected him.

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Going further

UPDATED: Police pledge to 'fully investigate' Tower Hamlets concerns

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg sets out the Liberal Democrats’ offer to local government – devolution on demand, health and care integration, housing flexibilities and local school planning.

Housing must be central to integration debate

The quality and accessibility of housing in the UK is a vital - yet often overlooked - element in building the health and social care services of the future.

The parallel universe of party spending plans

With perfect timing the scrutiny of party election pledges by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) coincides with the latest public finance figures, which show that we are certainly not out the woods.

A victory for neighbourhood planning

The announcement that Gladman Developments has withdrawn its legal bid to overturn the making of Winslow's neighbourhood plan has wider implications, writes forward plans manager at Aylesbury Vale DC, Andy Kirkham.

Finally, a localist's wish-list for the sector

No sooner had the ink dried on my comment last week – which berated the main political parties for scant mentions of local government – than Nick Clegg popped up to prove me wrong with a devolution-heavy manifesto, writes Heather Jameson.

Are there lessons from French local government reorganisation?

A major top down reorganisation of regional government on the other side of La Manche suggests a considered examination of the administrative structure that would best suit England should be undertaken, writes Michael Burton.

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Best Practice

Dishing out success

Dishing out  success

A project by Calderdale MBC has secured free school meals for hundreds more children and brought over £600,000 of new funding into local schools. Robin Tuddenham and Stuart Smith explain how this was achieved


Devolution delivered?

Devolution delivered?

Key positions on local government finance, housing and economic growth were staked out in the main political parties’ manifestos, Jonathan Werran writes.

Private sector

Can technology solve social care issues?

Leaders in the social care sector came together to discuss the role technology can play in solving the big financial and legislative challenges.

Asidua/Civica merger ‘successfully completed’

International contractor Civica has announced it has successfully integrated software consultancy Asidua into its IT business.

Shared services deal to revitalise town

Endurance Estates and RG Carter have signed a development deal with Dacorum BC to deliver the next stage of a scheme to regenerate Hemel Hempstead.