Pickles to be given knighthood

Pickles to be given knighthood

The communities secretary for the duration of the last parliament, Eric Pickles, is to be given a knighthood, Downing Street has announced.

LGA devolution paper calls for new partnership with government

Council chiefs have issued a white paper outlining how devolution should spread throughout England to embrace non-metropolitan areas.

Auditor: DCLG must take charge of devolution agenda

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) needs to take charge of the devolution agenda and row back against Treasury domination, a top auditor has said.

West Sussex CC leader makes south east devolution pitch

West Sussex CC leader Cllr Louise Goldsmith has called on ministers to devolve further powers and fiscal freedoms to counties in the south east to drive forward the country’s third largest economy.

Fresh start for Rotherham MBC

Rotherham MBC will today discuss an improvement plan for the council drawn up by its commissioners.

Carolyn Downs to leave LGA

Local Government Association (LGA) chief executive Carolyn Downs has been appointed as the new chief executive of Brent LBC.

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Devolution is our nation's way out of debt

Pickles to be given knighthood

The leaders of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire CCs on why the welcome central government's devolution drive.

Early Clark optimism dampened by Osborne's mayoral drive

Despite the widely held belief that Greg Clark’s appointment as communities secretary would herald a new era, the lightening speed at which the chancellor announced a Devolution Bill has still come as a bit of a bolt from the blue.

The public thinks austerity is history

Communities secretary Greg Clark will have a fight on his hands ensuring that the sector does not end up paying for the next round of austerity, which as far as the public believes, is history, writes Michael Burton.

Do we know enough to keep children safe in this increasingly digital age?

Javed Khan argues the case for introducing child impact assessments to protect vulnerable children from online sexual grooming and exploitation.

A cap in all but name

If there were ever any doubts that the Government’s council tax referendum provisions are a cap in all but name, these were completely dispelled in Bedfordshire on 7 May 2015, writes police and crime commissioner Olly Martins.

Where next for social investment?

Dan Corry breaks down how charities and other public services can reap the benefits of a change of funding focus

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Best Practice

New beginnings

New beginnings

Stephen Bedaiko gives a progress update on the work of Project Oracle, a new evidence-hub that has helped target scarce services resources for children and young people in London to deliver the best return on investment


Full steam ahead for devolution

Full steam ahead for devolution

On the same day last week that the Chancellor announced legislation to implement the next stage of city devolution, leaders of the core cities met in an MJ/PwC round table debate to discuss the implications for local services. Michael Burton reports [..]

Private sector

Havering to enter property business

Havering LBC is set to become the latest local authority to enter the property business with its own housing company.

Kent delays libraries transfer until law is changed

Kent CC has decided to put plans to transfer its libraries, registration and archives service to a charitable trust on hold until there is a change in the law.

3,000 staff move to catering firm

More than 3,000 staff from a company owned by Staffordshire CC are to be transferred to part of the Compass Group.