A blueprint for change

By Mathew Jellings | 17 November 2020

The Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport (ADEPT) recently led the launch a policy paper entitled A blueprint for accelerating climate action and a green recovery at the local level, outlining five priorities local authorities could and should implement immediately to address the climate emergency.

At the same launch, it was also proposed that local authorities accelerate change by shaping their procurement and behaviours using the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). If new thinking and initiatives require new behaviours, then the UN SDGs offer the ideal framework to focus on and bring about that chang

For some time now ENGIE has been helping local authorities transition to net zero at pace, and any new initiatives like the ADEPT blueprint and guidance on the SDGs are welcomed. These, alongside our own learning as members of the UK Business Council for Sustainable Development (UKBCSD), offer a deeper understanding on how to arrest climate change.

Over the last eight months the focus of local authorities has understandably been on the pandemic but if the SDG framework was already the sector’s touchstone, headway in dealing with social, economic and environmental priorities affecting all, would be ongoing and self-sustaining.

If procurement recognised and rewarded the efforts of organisations that genuinely adopted the SDGs to frame their behaviours and outcomes, social, economic, environmental and cultural inequalities would be addressed – the behaviours of key stakeholders, providers and citizens would encourage further adoption, accelerated action and bring about a circular economy that every individual could participate in and benefit from. Indeed, UKBCSD deem this to be so important it is calling for an SDG Act 2021, to shape procurement and encourage inclusivity.

ENGIE would welcome any engagement or debate on the benefits of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, so if you’re interested in learning more or challenging the adoption of behaviours shaped by SDGs, then please get in touch. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. The time to act is now.

With Mathew Jellings, Business Development Director for ENGIE UK

For further information on ENGIE, visit the website www.engie.co.uk/places

Twitter: @ENGIE_Places_UK

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