What lies ahead for local government?

What lies ahead for local government?

By Paul Marinko | 04 June 2024

With council coffers looking decidedly unhealthy, The MJ and Norse Group brought together senior managers and chiefs with money on their mind to discuss what the current financial year has in store...


An uplifting social alliance

By Mark Whitehead | 26 March 2024

Young people with learning disabilities want to work, but more supported internships are needed. ...


Tackling homelessness

By Paul Marinko | 05 February 2024

Homelessness is piling pressure on squeezed council budgets. The MJ and the National Audit Office...


Is this the end of innovation?

By Paul Marinko | 10 January 2024

Is there a tendency among council members to play it safe and avoid risks? Norse Group and The MJ...


AI: The future for local government

By Heather Jameson | 08 November 2023

Last week, Rishi Sunak brought world leaders to Bletchley Park to focus on AI, but what will it m...


Keeping a closer eye on the data

By Martin Ford | 23 October 2023

Are councils making use of data to streamline services? Certainly the Government, in launching Of...


What is the future of commercialism?

By Paul Marinko | 06 June 2023

Commercialism in local government has had its ups and downs. A Local Partnerships and The MJ roun...


How can innovation help meet financial pressures?

By Paul Marinko | 18 April 2023

Can new ways of working along with innovative partnerships and service delivery help alleviate th...


A life to outlast us

By Heather Jameson | 12 April 2023

The idea of leaving a legacy can mean very different things. Three speakers outlined their experi...


Time for a social care system refresh

By Paul Marinko | 18 January 2023

Social care is beset by a perfect storm of problems. What needs to change, and are there any chin...


Meeting demand for out-of-hours services

By Paul Marinko | 10 January 2023

How can cash-strapped councils ensure they provide an effective out-of-hours customer service so ...