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King's Speech: Devolution takes centre stage

By Martin Ford | 17 July 2024

The announcement of an English Devolution Bill took centre stage in the King’s Speech.

Government go-ahead for solar farms in face of opposition

By Martin Ford | 16 July 2024

Ministers have green-lighted three large-scale solar farms in the face of local opposition, havin...

Rayner asks councils to join 'devolution revolution'

By Martin Ford | 16 July 2024

Councils have been urged to ‘take the plunge’ on devolution by the Government.

Discharge rush heaps pressure on councils

By Martin Ford | 16 July 2024

A rush to discharge hospital patients is heaping more pressure on social care services, according...

Rise in sustainability and governance weaknesses

By Martin Ford | 12 July 2024

Weaknesses in councils’ financial sustainability and governance are increasing, according to evid...

Call for 'cross-government plan for childhood'

By Martin Ford | 12 July 2024

The new Government’s approach to child poverty ‘doesn’t go far enough’, the president of the Asso...

Ombudsman takes councils to task over leaks

By Martin Ford | 11 July 2024

Twelve councils have been highlighted in a report detailing findings of severe maladministration.

Manchester announces interim chief

By Martin Ford | 10 July 2024

Manchester City Council has appointed Eamonn Boylan as its interim chief executive.

Councils' concerns over planning overhaul

By Martin Ford | 10 July 2024

Councils have expressed reservations over the return of compulsory housebuilding targets announce...

Council orders review into election delays

By Martin Ford | 10 July 2024

Uttlesford DC’s leader has ordered a review into delays to sending out thousands of postal ballot...