Council of the Year shortlist revealed

Council of the Year shortlist revealed

Five councils are in the running to be named as Local Authority of the Year 2019, it has been revealed as The MJ publishes its awards finalists.

Data demand over settled status bids

Councils have refused to give up after their request to access Home Office data on application rates for settled status was knocked back.

Welcome to Yorkshire chair resigns as expenses investigations begin

The board chairman of a Yorkshire tourism body has resigned following an expenses scandal that has led to councils withdrawing financial support.

Hackney insources work due to badly behaved contractors

‘Poor behaviour’ by contractors has led to an overhaul of housing services at Hackney LBC.

EXCLUSIVE: Concern over councils' ability to cope with polls

Council chiefs have raised concerns with Government about the sector’s capacity to run EU elections so close on the heels of local polls.

Government review to look at council audit response

The Government will use its planned review of a key law to look at how councils respond to issues identified by auditors, The MJ has learnt.

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Councils must do better when it comes to housing

Council of the Year shortlist revealed

Local government must bear some of the blame for the housing crisis, says Heather Jameson - with sector experts pointing to a lack of progress in producing local plans, and a '30 year retreat from the streets'.

There's some cheer here for town hall bosses

Ipsos MORI's latest survey might bring cheer to some readers fed up with TaxPayers' Alliance press releases about town hall bosses on allegedly vast salaries, says Ben Page

Don’t play the hokey-cokey with health

Local government has turned public health around despite funding cuts. Now it not the time to think about returning the service to the NHS, argues Nathan Elvery.

A new social contract – the Community Paradigm

The time is right for a new vision for the future of our communities, according to Donna Hall – a paradigm shift in thinking that is as revolutionary and fundamental as Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s social contract.

Halting knife crime is a multi-agency endeavour

Rachel Dickinson says much greater investment is needed in children and young people if we are to make a difference to levels of knife crime - and treating serious youth violence as a public health issue makes absolute sense.

Resourcing councils to prevent homelessness

Senior council politicians and officers do not feel they have adequate funding to fulfil their statutory duties under the new Homelessness Reduction Act, says Trinley Walker.

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Best Practice

Working together for Islington’s future

Working together for Islington’s future

Asima Shaikh outlines the ground-breaking steps Islington LBC has been taking to reduce poverty and improve employment options for the area’s residents.


Progress amid the pain

Progress amid the pain

In the aftermath of the Grenfell tower tragedy, progress at Kensington & Chelsea can only go as fast as the grief of the families involved, Dr Barry Quirk tells Heather Jameson

Private sector

Councillors grill Capita over planning service

Directors of an outsourced planning service have been taken to task by councillors.

Allerdale agrees private model for stadium construction

Allerdale BC is turning to the private sector to build its new stadium in Workington.

Resolving digital dilemmas together

Penna hosted its first digital round table earlier this year. Penna’s digital recruitment specialist Jo Cumper describes how leaders from technology joined forces to examine how the digital economy can be driven forward.