EXCLUSIVE: Councils could face ‘traffic light’ grading on finances

EXCLUSIVE: Councils could face ‘traffic light’ grading on finances

Every council could be publicly graded red, amber or green for financial resilience under plans by finance chiefs to avoid another financial collapse, The MJ has learnt.

Government waters down devoluton framework plans

Hopes are fading that the Government’s devolution framework will jump-start the agenda when it is finally published.

LGA research 'debunks' inefficient services myth

Wildly different spending levels in children’s services owe more to local demographic factors than to inefficiency or political decision, an independent report for the Local Government Association (LGA) has revealed today.

Chief executive crosses the Tyne to join Sunderland

The chief executive of North Tyneside MBC is to move to Sunderland City Council.

EXCLUSIVE: Doubts raised over local industrial strategies rollout

Concerns have been raised over the future of local industrial strategies, amid fears Whitehall will fail to push the policy further than just a few urban areas.

Northern Irish councils' devolution call

The time is now right to extend the responsibilities of local government in Northern Ireland through greater devolution from Stormont, a new report said today.

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Double standards?

EXCLUSIVE: Councils could face ‘traffic light’ grading on finances

When it comes to improving public services, what’s good for local government should be good for central government. Piali Das Gupta looks at why the latter can benefit from adopting the principles of the former

Some uncomfortable truths for local government

Claire Kober says the public does not see the value of social care, which remains invisible in the eyes of many.

Another week, another warning

Will politicians, civil servants and policy-makers show the insight and bravery to think in generational terms or will short termism continue to triumph, asks Paul O'Brian.

Understanding the reasons behind change

Sandra Dinneen on embracing and shaping change at the local level.

Developing new housing solutions

Counties are taking matters into their own hands to deliver homes for their communities, with many enlisting the help of private sector firms. Cllr Philip Atkins looks at the progress so far

Financial instability is unacceptable, but what can be done?

Carol Culley and Margaret Lee discuss how two major pieces of work by CIPFA can help to strengthen the resilience of the sector.

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Best Practice

Actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder than words

The West Midlands is driving improvements in work place mental health and wellbeing. Sean Russell, Sarah Norman and Michelle Harte explain how their organisations are contributing.


Tracking the true cost of kids’ care

Tracking the true cost of kids’ care

Huge discrepancies between the cost of children’s services in different authorities have hampered lobbying efforts. Heather Jameson looks at the latest report which debunks the myth that it’s all down to inefficiency.

Private sector

Council to end multi-million pound ICT contract four years early

Sheffield City Council is pulling out of a major information and communications technology (ICT) contract.

Growth plans for Norse

Norse Group has laid out ambitious growth plans that could lead to it hitting £0.5bn turnover.

Amey hit by £50m compensation bill - reports

Amey has been ordered to pay Birmingham City Council more than £50m in compensation after the contractor lost a long-running court battle, according to reports.