EXCLUSIVE: ‘I want to be the best partner for local government’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I want to be the best partner for local government’

Heather Jameson talks to communities secretary Sajid Javid about the progress of devolution, future funding, partnership working with the sector and that speech at the LGA conference...


Javid’s renewed rally for devo

Javid’s renewed rally for devo

Communities secretary Sajid Javid has urged council leaders to ‘put the party politics aside’ for the sake of devolution.

Union suspends industrial action in Birmingham bin dispute

Trade union Unite has suspended industrial action involving refuse workers after the High Court ordered Birmingham City Council to withdraw redundancy notices it had served on 113 employees.

Council to spend £250,000 on leisure centre inquiry

Dumfries & Galloway Council’s £250,000 investigation into the failings of a sports and leisure centre is expected to start after a meeting next week.

'Systemic and persistent' failures in council's children's services

Worcestershire CC has said it has invested an extra £5.1m into improving children’s social care this year after a damning report from a government commissioner.

Improvement panel to remain in Birmingham

The team brought in to turn Birmingham City Council around has backtracked on its plans to withdraw.

‘Ease pay restraints or face retention crisis’

Councils could face a management-level recruitment and retention crisis unless public sector pay restraint is eased, a respected think-tank has warned.

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Devolution is dead: Long live devolution

Javid’s renewed rally for devo

Rumours of the death of devolution have been greatly exaggerated, it would seem, if the secretary of state is to be believed.

The combined authority that’s Educating West Yorkshire

Susan Hinchcliffe expands on the role of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority in successfully delivering education to further skills and employment in the Leeds City Region.

Gender disparity is alive and well

Does local government work for women? The answer is a firm ‘no’, according to Heather Wakefield, as she examines the shocking results of a recent report by the Fawcett Society’s Local Government Commission.

London: it’s a tale of two cities

London is not just Parliament or City Hall. The capital’s 33 boroughs all have very different needs and inequalities in resources must be addressed in a more balanced way, writes Cllr Teresa O’Neill.

Let’s get back local government’s voice

Ahead of the Labour Party Conference, Nick Forbes outlines some of the challenges for local authorities and his hopes for the party in this next phase of governnance

Local government is too white

The lack of non-white chief executives and senior managers in local government is embarrassing. Atif Shafique calls for radical action to redress the balance.

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Best Practice

Not laid back about leisure

Not laid back about leisure

Slough BC is investing more than £58m in its new leisure strategy. Cllr Sohail Munawar explains the motivations behind the policy and the wider role sport and physical activity has to play in urban renewal.


Missing the bigger picture?

Missing the bigger picture?

It’s easy to ignore major issues and focus on smaller things to do and improve. But, argues Dan Corry, in public services there comes a time when you can no longer ignore that fact that the system is not working.

Private sector

A framework for change

As organisations start to change their shape and operating models to respond to future corporate ambitions, it’s really important to get a framework in place which identifies what you are looking for in your future leaders.

An opportunity to act

By Jim Saunders, Group Director of Business Development of the Pinnacle Group

Norse Group profits plunge by £1.8m

Norfolk CC’s wholly-owned company Norse Group’s underlying profits fell by nearly £1.8m in the last financial year despite an increase in turnover.