An own goal that proves the need for caution

By Dan Corry | 26 May 2021
  • Dan Corry

For a short while last month we all became experts on football’s European Super League. But maybe that was a wasted effort as it only lasted about 48 hours. In a PR campaign so appalling that it would have made even the most amateur and short staffed press office shudder, the whole edifice came crashing down as fans and governments savaged the idea and the evil English Six (including my own team, Chelsea) retreated fast.

The effects of this sequence of events on the way our premier sport is governed may be profound. We shall have to wait and see whether the new Government review set up in response and led by the pretty independent MP Tracey Crouch, will see moves towards fan owned clubs and restrictions on the ability of commercial owners to change the rules unilaterally. I look forward to being surprised.

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