Democracy's different down under

23 November 2018

Most people are aware that voting in Australia is compulsory, but far fewer will be informed about the traditions surrounding the trip to the polls.

In the run-up the Victoria state elections at the weekend (note: not a Thursday in a rundown school hall), our Australian spies tell us that huge numbers are excited not by exercising their democratic right but rather the opportunity to wolf down a sausage.

To explain, most polling booths at Australian elections also serve a barbecue as a side to the main course of democracy.

Diary can only imagine the outcry from the public health brigade if such a tradition was introduced over here.

‘Australia is the biggest nanny state in the world yet we are mad for a democracy sausage,’ said our Aussie informant.

‘There would be riots if they ever tried to stop them.’

However, there has been some recent controversy after hardware chain Bunnings suggested the onions should be placed underneath sausages by barbecue staff to prevent them falling out and creating a slipping hazard.

The edict has caused outrage down under, which sure does put Brexit into context.

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