LGBT plus Allies Scheme proving to be a vital lifeline

By Professor Jim McManus | 14 February 2020

Being able to bring your whole self to work and being who you are is crucial to productivity and wellbeing, the evidence on that is irrefutable. That means employers need to take seriously, not just individual diversity characteristics like sexuality or gender, but complex diversity; people can be disabled and LGBT and people of faith for example.

Having worked in diversity for nearly 30 years employers are still learning how to value such wonderful complexity.

Hertfordshire CC is working locally to put one building block of that in place through our LGBT+ Allies Scheme, which was developed by the county council’s LGBT+ Staff Group last August. An ‘ally’ is a worker who pledges to be a visible supporter and advocate for LGBT+ co-workers by wearing a noticeable rainbow-coloured staff ID lanyard. With over 530 supporters in just six months, we are fostering a more open and supportive working environment.

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