Older people face ‘significant barriers’ in applying for EU Settlement Scheme

By Laura Sharman | 27 September 2019

The Government has been warned older EU nationals living in the UK could be shut out of public services or be put at risk of deportation.

Figures show that only 16% of EU nationals aged 65 and above have made an application to the EU settlement scheme compared to 30% of working age people.

Charity director at Age UK, Caroline Abrahams, said: ‘A compulsory settlement scheme, designed to operate mostly online and with potentially dire consequences for anyone who fails to comply with it, spells big trouble ahead we fear for thousands of older people who have lived for donkey’s years in this country.'

Chairman of the Local Government Association's Brexit taskforce, Cllr Kevin Bentley, said: 'Providing councils with regular and detailed breakdowns of outstanding applications will assist in identifying pockets of where more targeted support may be needed.'

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