Councils need support to protect refugees from exploitation, say experts

By William Eichler | 29 April 2022

A new report has called on the Government to take ‘urgent measures’ to support hosts, local authorities and businesses in their response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis in order to tackle exploitation.

The report’s lead author Ella Cockbain, of University College London, said: ‘There was clear consensus among experts from across different backgrounds that new risks specific to this war are interacting with existing systemic issues in the UK, putting many refugees from Ukraine at heightened risk of human trafficking and exploitation – both on the way to the UK and once here.

'Simply warning people about human trafficking and modern slavery is not enough - they need to be given safer, better options and access to vital support if things go wrong.’

Independent anti-slavery commissioner, Sara Thornton, added: ‘What we must do now is put in place systematic prevention and protection measures to ensure the risks of trafficking and exploitation do not become a reality.'

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