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Why Labour must seize the moment for a new kind of growth

By Annabel Smith | 08 July 2024

The new Government must take a bold approach to inclusive growth if it is to fulfil its electoral...

Are the grown-ups in the room?

By Annabel Smith | 30 April 2024

Labour’s alternative to levelling up could mark a step change to a more mature relationship betw...

We don't need a Lyons' 2.0

By Annabel Smith | 06 March 2024

With the seminal 2007 Lyons Review in focus, Ben Franklin and Annabel Smith look at why place-sha...

Actions speak louder than words

By Ross Mudie | 04 May 2022

Ross Mudie and Annabel Smith argue that plunging yet more people into hardship will lead to a ris...

Building back better in the UK and US

By Thomas Hauschildt | 22 July 2021

Annabel Smith and Thomas Hauschildt look at what emerged from a Centre for Progressive Policy deb...