Grenfell taskforce to ‘stand down’

By William Eichler | 27 March 2020

The Government has announced that the taskforce formed to help Kensington & Chelsea LBC respond to the Grenfell tragedy is to stand down at the end of the month.

A final report by the independent Grenfell Recovery Taskforce yesterday said the council had permanently rehoused 95% of households from Grenfell Tower and Walk, and produced an ‘ambitious new housing strategy’.

It also reported that the London borough had continued to make progress in delivering a recovery plan for the people of North Kensington and put bespoke support in place for the bereaved and survivors.

The Government said that there were ‘some remaining challenges’ but added it felt the council was able to continue to make improvements without the taskforce.

It also announced that the former minister for Grenfell victims, Nick Hurd, had been appointed as an independent adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Grenfell.

The fire, which destroyed Grenfell Tower in June 2017, caused the deaths of 72 people.

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Grenfell Tower

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