HMJ: Time to build upon the digital journey

By Paul Sanders | 14 September 2021

From virtual GP appointments to our world-leading vaccination programme, we’ve all seen first hand the transformative power of data-driven, digital technologies to protect lives during a crisis. As we look to the post-pandemic world however, we must ask ourselves how we can apply those same technologies to ensure our vital health services are ready to deal with the challenges of tomorrow.

Cloud is key

COVID-19 highlighted the need for medical professionals to be able to access crucial patient data whenever and wherever they need it. Robust, reliable data at the click of a button empowers clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions in the interests of those within their care.

Adopting the right cloud solution is a crucial enabler, as demonstrated by Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust which uses our cloud Cito Electronic Document Records Management Solution. This solution offers clinicians instant access to vital patient information, including larger documents, photos and videos which were previously inaccessible from its Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems. Cito also supports a paperless approach, which ultimately means less room for error, more security and, ultimately, better outcomes for patients.

Cloud solutions provide a secure and scalable foundation where solutions can be rolled up or down as per requirements. They give a level of assurance of service because NHS trusts are not reliant on their own infrastructure. They’re more accessible, with enhanced safety and security, faster, and fundamentally, has a lower cost of ownership. Access to cloud also ensures we can really start unlocking the value of data and future proof our NHS Trusts.

The future is digital

The way that sensitive patient information is collected, managed and used is critical to ensuring that our health services are delivering the best outcomes for people and communities. There is strong support for this among healthcare ‘customers’, with Civica’s recent A Word From the Wise report revealing that 82% of those surveyed trust health services with their data.

With the worst days of the pandemic hopefully now behind us, we’ve got a prime opportunity to build upon the digital journey in our health services to ensure they are more innovative, more accessible and delivering for everyone.

Paul Sanders is Clinical Systems Managing Director at Civica

Civica is one of the UK’s largest software companies, with over 30 years of proven expertise in delivering improved outcomes for public services around the world

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