High Court grants permission for levelling up fund legal challenge

By William Eichler | 24 August 2021

The High Court has granted permission for a legal challenge to the levelling up fund after campaigners accused the Government of using it for political purposes.

Campaign group, the Good Law Project argues that the Government is using the £4.8bn fund to funnel money into regions and towns of political benefit to the Conservative Party.

The not-for-profit group alleges that the Government is guilty of ‘pork barrel politics’.

A spokesperson for the group said: ‘The huge £4.8bn fund pretends to be the centrepiece of a levelling up agenda – but we think it’s just a way to funnel money into constituencies of political benefit to the Conservative Party.

‘Judges clearly agree that the Government is acting in ways that deserve closer scrutiny.'

The Government has been approached for comment.

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