High Court rejects low traffic neighbourhoods challenge

By Laura Sharman | 29 June 2021

A legal challenge against Lambeth LBC's low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) has been rejected by the High Court.

Sofia Sheakh had launched the legal challenge, arguing the schemes had 'negative impacts' on those with disabilities and the council had failed to consult with residents about the measures.

However, the High Court ruled the six LTNs across the borough were a 'genuine experiment' in response to the pandemic following guidance from the Department for Transport encouraging councils to take 'radical and almost immediate measures' to promote active travel.

Lambeth leader, Cllr Claire Holland, said: 'The council has set out from the outset that implementing measures to make our streets safer and healthier was fully in line with statutory guidance and national policy objectives.

'We rejected any suggestion that these schemes are discriminatory in any way or were installed illegally.'

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