Why do bosses call so many meetings?

By Blair Mcpherson | 16 December 2021

The Harvard Business Review (HBR ) recently published an article Meeting Overload on the reasons ?why managers attend so many meetings when they say they hate them and that 80% are a waste of time. The article concluded the main reason was the fear of missing out (FOMO). There may be some truth in this but in my experience this is not the main reason. The main reason managers attend meetings is that their boss expects them to. I think a more interesting question is why do bosses call so many meetings? 

The article doesn’t differentiate between the types of meeting but I assume the general conclusion applies to all meetings including team meetings. The pandemic, lockdown and working from home did not signal the end of the team meeting. Instead it was replaced by the Zoom meeting. Once the novelty of attending a team meeting whilst still wearing your PJs, only your visible top half dressed for work, had worn off  Zoom meeting turned out to be no more productive or popular  than the traditional team meeting. 

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