Governing the local AI revolution

A nuanced approach to governance is needed to successfully navigate the challenge of integrating AI within local authorities, say Amardeep Gill and Jonathan Werran.

If we are, as we feel, living through revolutionary times of unfathomable technological progress, then to adapt Lenin, you may well not be interested in AI, but AI is interested in you. In the dynamic landscape of local government, AI and advanced data analytics heralds the promise, but not the panacea, of a paradigm shift that offers the transformative potential to revolutionise public services and council functions.

Underpinned by the UK's National AI Strategy, which seeks to position the nation as a global frontrunner in AI, there is a concerted push towards leveraging this technology to enhance services, economic development, and public governance. This strategic approach acknowledges the crucial role of AI in driving operational efficiencies and supporting strategic decision making, especially in times of economic duress.

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