Hitting the accelerator on integration

A new report launched today at the Healthcare Innovation Expo outlines 15 practical actions for accelerating integrated care. Ewan King and Fiona Russell explain how the resource aims to help practitioners make better use of available evidence.

The NHS Long Term Plan once again commits the NHS, local government and other partners to delivering integrated care; to see: ‘Traditional barriers between care institutions, teams and funding streams [broken down] so as to support the increasing number of people with long-term health conditions, rather than viewing each encounter with the health service as a single, unconnected ‘episode' of care.'

At a workshop on integration earlier this year up it was once again easy to be struck by the difficulty of this task. Faced by the need to produce a plethora of complex delivery plans, and commission a vast range of interventions, participants at the workshop said they are struggling  to know where to begin.  

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