The most predictable and yet surprising General Election

The confirmation that Angela Rayner, Matthew Pennycook and Jim McMahon will form the core Ministerial team at DLUHC will provide the sector with some reassurance of stability, says Duncan Flynn.

Even as Rishi Sunak stood at the lectern on the pavement outside Downing Street getting drenched while announcing the General Election, the outcome was never in doubt. The pollsters and the politicians were privately united in agreement - Labour would win large and the Conservatives would be decimated. Throughout an error strewn campaign, the Conservatives only succeeded in increasing the likelihood of the Labour landslide victory which inevitably arrived on 4 July.

However, despite Labour winning 412 seats out of 650 and a number of unlikely constituencies such as Aldershot, Ashford and Hertford & Stortford which had eluded even Tony Blair, this landslide victory of 63% of the total seats was won on a mere 33% of the vote. This will undoubtedly lead to further calls from some quarters to move to a more proportional voting system.

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