What will the next steps be for the mayoral model?

While the offers to communities from mayors are maturing, there remain big questions to be answered by whichever party forms the next Government, says Zoë Billingham.

In just a weeks' time, we will see a flurry of local and regional votes taking place across England. In addition to the 107 councils that have elections, voters in 10 areas will be able to vote for a metro mayor candidate, including in London. With a growing number of mayoral combined authorities across England, the elections on 2 May will be the biggest set of mayoral elections yet. It'll also be a chance for the mayors to start setting out their pitch to any incoming government ahead of the General Election.

The regional elections will see seven metro mayors seeking re-election in their areas and first-time elections in three new combined authorities. The North of Tyne Combined Authority is being enlarged into the North East Combined Authority, while York and North Yorkshire and the East Midlands will hold their first ever mayoral elections.

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