Brighton’s finances in ‘perilous position’

By William Eichler | 04 December 2023

Brighton & Hove City Council’s finances are in an ‘extremely perilous position’, the local authority’s leader has warned.

Cllr Bella Sankey said the council was facing a budget gap of £31m next year and would have to find millions in savings.

She added that while many councils have been forced to issue section 114 notices – effectively declaring bankruptcy – Brighton & Hove CC were not in that position yet.

Cllr Sankey said: ‘The council’s finances are in an extremely perilous position.

‘There was absolutely nothing in the Autumn Statement to provide relief for this council or local authorities who have faced a decade of heartless central government austerity or any real-world financial help for struggling families.’

‘While we await the final detail on the local government settlement, we will almost certainly have to find millions more savings next year than planned because the government has chosen to ignore the crisis in local government funding,’ she added.

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