Business rates

  • Queen’s Speech: ‘levelling up’ let down

    25 May 2022

    Sir Stephen Houghton says we must not see blame being levelled on those areas who are not able to meet the levelling up mission targets – 'when it is in fact that local areas are not being given a penny by the Government to be able to reach them'.

  • The first steps towards fixing a damaged system?

    11 May 2022

    Local government will still be left to pick up the pieces of the cost of living crisis that the Queen’s Speech has failed to address, says Heather Jameson. There needs to be a new plan to make public services fit for purpose.

  • Queen's Speech: Business rates set for overhaul

    10 May 2022

    It has been confirmed a ‘Non-Domestic Rating Bill’ will form part of the agenda during the next Parliamentary session.

  • New Bill to put beauty at the heart of planning, says Gove

    08 May 2022

    The Queen’s Speech is set to include a new bill to revamp planning and kick start housebuilding, levelling up secretary Michael Gove has revealed.

  • Labour urges Government to overhaul business rates

    04 April 2022

    Labour has said the Government must overhaul the business rates system to help businesses thrive in the face of a cost-of-living crisis.

  • Sector set to clash over rates reform

    23 March 2022

    A sector clash is threatening to erupt over business rates retention, with views split on the future of the policy.

  • Closing the ‘them and us’ housing divide

    02 March 2022

    The decision to close a tax loophole that allows second homeowners to avoid paying council tax or business rates should make communities stronger in places like South Hams, says Cllr Judy Pearce.

  • Tax reforms offer solutions to finance flaws - report

    14 January 2022

    Changes to the current system could resolve issues around sufficiency and unfairness, and support local economies, according to new research commissioned by the Local Government Association.

  • Will this year see lift-off for local government?

    11 January 2022

    If Mr Gove is to deliver the aims of levelling up, to strengthen local leadership, boost civic pride and create equal opportunities for everyone, through devolution, he will need to act quickly, says Heather Jameson. Then there is finance....

  • This settlement is very much a stop gap

    20 December 2021

    Cllr Sir Stephen Houghton of SIGOMA says a ‘stopgap’ settlement with a welcome funding boost needs to be followed by a fair funding review that supports the Government’s levelling up agenda.

  • Welcome words on business rates should be backed up in settlement

    14 December 2021

    The secretary of state now has a real opportunity to improve matters by introducing a business rates ‘re-set’ as part of the provisional settlement, says Cllr Sir Stephen Houghton.

  • Committee urges ministers to review high street role

    10 December 2021

    MPs have urged ministers to review the role of high streets in their COVID-19 recovery strategy amid fears councils could lose further income through reforms.

  • Empowering engagement: The future of Council Tax collection post-pandemic

    06 December 2021

    Stephen Johnson looks at some steps councils can take to help build a next-generation service to effectively collect revenue and recover debt, whilst supporting wellbeing.

  • Council U-turns on second homes tax hike

    30 November 2021

    Conwy CBC is the latest authority in Wales to struggle with its approach to reining in the number of second homes.

  • Rates revenue shoots up

    19 November 2021

    Business rates revenue shot up by more than 40% last month compared to the previous year as the economy improved, according to latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

  • Will funding land next month to help levelling up?

    17 November 2021

    Councils will await with interest December’s annual financial settlement to see where funding lands at the local level, says Paul O'Brien. Will this signify the beginning of significant attempts at levelling up, he asks.

  • Can we have both levelling up and devo?

    10 November 2021

    Levelling up local government finance needs a more centralised system of funding, says Heather Jameson - but 'how do you do devolution when central Government hangs on to the purse strings?'

  • Doubt over future of 75% rates retention under Gove

    09 November 2021

    New local government secretary Michael Gove has indicated that 75% business rates retention could be a casualty of levelling up plans.

  • A bounce back Budget

    02 November 2021

    We got spending – and lots of it – in the Budget, yet its contents reflected conflict within the Cabinet on whether to push ahead with a Milton Friedman-style smaller government. Sir Bob Neill explains.

  • A mixed fiscal bag for councils

    28 October 2021

    Isn't it ironic that a chancellor devoted to low taxes has funded a bonanza Budget through taxes that will soon reach their highest level since the 1950s, says Heather Jameson.