Local leaders call for 'further and faster' action on climate change

By Laura Sharman | 25 May 2021

Local leaders have called for more funding and powers to help achieve climate change targets.

A cross-party group of local and regional leaders have written to the Prime Minister setting out how local government will play a fundamental role in the transition to net zero.

The letter, co-ordinated by UK100, calls for ‘further and faster’ action to take advantage of the opportunity that net zero offers.

The letter states: ‘We would like to see your government go much further and faster and to recognise how local and regional government is key to our shared goal of achieving Net Zero.

’We believe you need to provide the resources and powers to enable us play our part, in retrofitting our homes; reimagine how we travel and ensure that locally-generated sustainable energy can power the transition.’

The letter also invites Mr Johnson to join the Net Zero Leaders Summit on 13th July. Nearly 60 council leaders have now pledged to meet net zwr

Nearly 60 council leaders have now pledged to meet net zero five years earlier than the Government.

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