Test, test, test the tech!

By Julie Towers | 24 June 2020

Recruitment, although changed forever, certainly hasn’t been slowing down at Penna.

We marked our 50th appointment during lockdown last week, all completed 100% online.

We celebrated with a webinar on the experiences of our candidates and clients.

For most, virtual recruitment has been positive and many of the online elements will be retained when lockdown eases further. Here are some key observations from the session.

1) Getting to know the political element is possible online. It is really important to meet, get to know and understand your members and potential stakeholders. This is possible to do virtually, indeed we’ve advised our clients to build in more one-to-one and panel sessions with senior stakeholders and politicians to ensure that connection is built.

2) Test, test, test the tech! Almost all of our candidates and clients urged others to ensure familiarity with the technology before any interview and panel dates.

3) Online has advantages. One of our successful appointees remarked: ‘It was a really positive experience, and more manageable in some ways than the norm’. Many of our candidates have remarked on the lack of nerves they felt, being in their home environment. The level of flexibility afforded by an at-home interview is also a positive.

4) Speak to your recruiter. Whether you’re a candidate or client, your recruitment agency can help you get to grips with the new reality of recruitment – from taking processes online, to ensuring your organisation is attracting the best talent virtually.

It is heartening to see people and talent agendas continuing to flourish during this time.

Remember, our team is here for you if you need us.

Julie Towers is managing director of Penna


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