The dark side of Clarke

16 September 2020

Last week, the sector mourned the sudden departure of local government minister Simon Clarke.

Mr Clarke quit just weeks before the launch of the Local Recovery and Devolution White Paper – the fruition of his work.

So what provoked the departure?

Was it a protest at the Government’s plans to break international law?

An internal row over local government reorganisation?

A protest at the lack of devolution?

One insider even speculated that the minister may have been miffed at the Redmond review – some people take audit very, very seriously.

Well, according to the red tops, it was altogether less political.

The Sun reported over the weekend that the minister resigned – and left his wife – over a relationship with a ‘Westminster colleague’.

As one wag said: ‘With the morality of the current government, I would have thought that’s the sort of thing that would earn you a promotion.’

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