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The sector did itself proud

By Peter Stanyon | 08 July 2024

Regardless of issues, the General Election was successfully delivered, says Peter Stanyon — but c...

Testing times at the elections

By Peter Stanyon | 18 June 2024

This election is a major test of the last two years of electoral change loaded on to a system alr...

T'is the season!

By Peter Stanyon | 20 February 2024

The possibility of a UK Parliamentary General Election on 2 May combined with local polls is the ...

The burden on returning officers and elections teams is increasing

By Peter Stanyon | 09 May 2023

Anecdotal reports of people not meeting new voter ID requirements were disheartening, and recruit...

May the 4th be with you

By Peter Stanyon | 07 March 2023

As 4 May looms, councils are heads down in preparation for the implementation of voter ID. But th...

Pondering the polls

By Peter Stanyon | 09 May 2022

Peter Stanyon scrutinises how the polls went and turns his attention to the implementation challe...

Every poll matters

By Peter Stanyon | 22 March 2022

The May polls across the UK may feel like a much more manageable and normal affair than the 2021 ...

Local elections 2021: The system creaked in the face of the number of polls

By Peter Stanyon | 11 May 2021

There were a variety of problems both ahead of and during polling day, says Peter Stanyon.

The problem with polls

By Peter Stanyon | 09 March 2021

Peter Stanyon outlines the risks and pressures Super Thursday poses to a ‘creaking electoral syst...

Winning back the public's trust

By Peter Stanyon | 28 January 2020

Peter Stanyon says there are urgent lessons to learn from the 2019 elections – and challenges ahe...