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Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter is chief executive of the Centre for Cities

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To govern is to choose

By Andrew Carter | 08 July 2024

The new Government has a choice to use its mandate to make the tough decisions to pursue growth, ...

Is devolution to metro mayors having its intended effect?

By Andrew Carter | 28 May 2024

In the political sphere, the Labour party loudly celebrated its near-clean sweep of victories at ...

Don't neglect England's metro mayors

By Andrew Carter | 28 May 2024

Andrew Carter warns conflicting priorities could trump political affiliations for Labour's metro ...

Clear objectives needed for levelling up

By Andrew Carter | 15 April 2024

Central Government needs to set clear objectives for national programmes like levelling up, says ...

The new mayors will need the support of Westminster to be successful

By Andrew Carter | 06 March 2024

'We need to give more attention to the powers and resources mayors have, and those they need – no...

All parts of the country have been levelled down

By Andrew Carter | 22 January 2024

For the next Government there will be serious choices and decisions to make in order to deliver t...

Metro mayors still lack power to shape the future

By Andrew Carter | 09 October 2023

The HS2 saga over the last few days shows metro mayors still lack the voice and power they need t...

What is the economic offer for voters?

By Andrew Carter | 26 August 2023

The party conferences should offer some insight into policy, says Andrew Carter, but what will th...

We must support big cities to grow

By Andrew Carter | 10 July 2023

Over the last 50 years, the UK has – deliberately and sometimes for good reasons – made policy de...

Connections start at a local level

By Andrew Carter | 30 May 2023

The key lesson from last month's elections is that politics start at a local level, says Andrew C...