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Solace presses for multi-year settlements

By Mark Conrad | 11 July 2024

Multi-year finance settlements are ‘far and away the biggest thing’ the new government could do t...

Tewkesbury consultation extended

By Mark Conrad | 09 July 2024

Tewkesbury BC has extended a consultation on its planned name change to North Gloucestershire BC,...

Bev Craig to lead LGA Labour group

By Mark Conrad | 08 July 2024

Manchester City Council leader, Cllr Bev Craig, has been confirmed as the new leader of the Labou...

Department ditches 'levelling up' moniker

By Mark Conrad | 08 July 2024

Prime minister Keir Starmer has ditched Whitehall’s 'levelling up' department and re-named it wit...

Ministers urged to reform Gift Aid

By Mark Conrad | 03 June 2024

Gift Aid donations should vary by region and be targeted at tackling local inequalities, a think-...

Council staff 'live in fear of abuse, assault or worse' - APSE study

By Mark Conrad | 03 June 2024

Council staff and members often live ‘in fear of abuse, assault or worse,’ experts have warned.

High Court judge in trees ruling

By Mark Conrad | 31 May 2024

Councils and developers relying on planning permission exemptions to preservation orders cannot a...

Government digs in over asylum housing target

By Mark Conrad | 29 May 2024

The Home Office has doubled down on council concerns over asylum targets and insisted its Full Di...

General Election: Pay transparency legislation falls

By Martin Ford | 28 May 2024

Key council-related legislation – including fresh transparency over senior pay – failed to make i...