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Thanet deputy chief cleared of misconduct

Allegations of misconduct against the deputy chief executive of Thanet DC have been dropped, The MJ understands.

HEALTH MJ: Patients’ Association launches care home ‘charter’

The Patients’ Association (PA) has launched a ‘Care Home Charter’ to improve medication practices for people living in care homes across the UK.

HEALTH MJ: Very elderly people ‘should move before a health crisis’

People in advanced old age would feel more in control of their lives if they considered a move to assisted accommodation or residential care before health problems forced them to, say researchers.

HEALTH MJ: Labour pledges to introduce free personal care in England

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has announced that a future Labour Government would introduce free personal care for people over 65, in a pledge that would cost around £6bn a year.

HEALTH MJ: Tool predicts MRH after hospital discharge

Researchers have a developed a new tool to assess the likelihood of an older adult suffering from medication-related harm (MRH) after discharge from hospital.

HEALTH MJ: Doctors say vegan diet is ‘safe’ for youngsters

A study has concluded that a vegan diet can be beneficial for all age groups, including children, following a report earlier in the year that it could be damaging to young people.

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Shares fair, says Essex

Money matters

As district council treasurers wait to hear what scraps may fall from the Treasury table, I can’t help feeling like Oliver Twist as he stood before Mr Bumble with his empty bowl....

Archbishop sponsors Commission

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, is to sponsor a new Fairness Commission, which will report to the city council on issues of fairness involved in setting council spending priorities for 2012-14.