Manifesto mayhem

Manifesto mayhem
By Mark Conrad | May 25, 2017

Councils face a double whammy of new costs if prime minister Theresa May implements her hastily-revised social care plan after the General Election, experts have warned.


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Burnham: I want to be a part of the local government family

Andy Burnham has expressed an interest in joining the Local Government Association after the group revealed it wanted the mayors on board.

Birmingham children's trust appoints borough boss as chief executive

Birmingham children’s trust has appointed Wokingham BC boss Andy Couldrick as its first chief executive.

Conservatives come out top in local elections

Results from the local elections have featured significant gains for the Conservative Party, including the first directly-elected mayors in the West of England, Tees Valley and West Midlands.

Non-disclosure will not affect whistleblowers

Whistleblowers will still be able to expose examples of poor practices at Liverpool City Council, officials claimed, despite tough new non-disclosure clauses in staff contracts.

‘Large deposits for mayor are undemocratic’

The ‘excessively large’ deposits needed to run to be a combined authority mayor are a ‘travesty of democracy,’ the leader of the Local Government Association’s independent group has said.

Sector doubts over future plan as 100% rates retention is put on ice

Dissent over 100% business rates retention is growing in the sector after it was put on ice by the calling of the General Election, The MJ understands.

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Lighten the load

Minister warns councils they face fines if landfill targets are missed

The carbon clock is ticking

The new carbon reduction league must not be a name-and-shame exercise, but an urgent catalyst to link climate change considerations consistently across frontline services, says Paul O’Brien