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Porter: Play nicely or Government will impose reorganisation

The chairman of the Local Government Association, Lord Porter, has warned the sector to 'stop fighting and play nicely' or Whitehall will impose reorganisation.

Haringey wins litigation over controversial housing plans

The High Court has ruled in favour of Haringey LBC over the controversial Haringey Development Vehicle, which saw council leader Claire Kober announce her resignation last month.

Government migration funding formula 'unfair'

The council accommodating the second-highest number of asylum-seeking children in the UK has criticised the Government's funding formula.

Mansfield's clerical assistant rises to chief exec role

Mansfield DC has appointed Hayley Barsby as its new chief executive.

Camden sees biggest rise in rough sleeping

Camden LBC had the largest increase – over 600% – in rough sleepers over the last year in England, according to new figures published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

Teignbridge gets a new managing director

Teignbridge DC’s new role of managing director will be filled by the council’s deputy chief executive, Phil Shears.

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Payback time

Aberdeen accounts face probe

The Accounts Commission is to hold a special public hearing into Aberdeen City Council’s ‘precarious’ financial position.

Cornwall hikes allowances by 20%

Members of Cornwall Council have voted to increase their basic allowance by 20%.