Supplements - PPMA

  • PPMA November 2017

    PPMA November 2017 teaser

    PPMA's president looks ahead to a period of development and change for the HR & OD sector. Sponsored by Penna.

  • PPMA July 2017

    PPMA July 2017 teaser

    The PPMA president reveals her wish list for the sector. Sponsored by Penna

  • PPMA April 2017

    PPMA April 2017 teaser

    New president Caroline Nugent promises a challenging but rewarding year ahead. Sponsored by Penna

  • PPMA Jan-Feb 2016

    PPMA Jan-Feb 2016 teaser

    Its time to for an image change for local government, says the PPMA. Sponsored by Penna

  • PPMA October 2016

    PPMA October 2016 teaser

    PPMA explore the future of adult care and health integration in this supplement, sponsored by Penna

  • PPMA July 2016

    PPMA July 2016 teaser

    PPMA's new president charts the evolution of workforce development to embrace devolution. Sponsored by Penna