Where's the trust?

LGIU research sheds light on the ever greater decline of public trust in government. Dr Jonathan Carr-West looks at the possible solution.

Looking around the world today, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that democracy is under strain. I have written before about the misinformation, distrust, and bitterness that have infected public life and how they cast a dark shadow over the institutions and individuals we rely on to keep our democracy going.

Ahead of last week's local elections we, at LGIU commissioned some exclusive polling from Ipsos MORI. This research paints a sobering picture of trust in government and media at both the national and local levels in England. With only a quarter of adults aged 18-75 placing their trust in the Government and the national media to act in the best interests of local communities, it's evident a significant disconnect exists between citizens and the institutions meant to serve them.

Jonathan Carr-West

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