• Call for lifting of immigration rules

    20 April 2020

    Council leaders in England, Scotland and Wales have called for a temporary lifting of the immigration rules that stop some migrants accessing public funds.

  • Creating a long-term new normal

    09 April 2020

    Adam Cunnington says we should agree to harness our collective experience of the devastating effects of COVID-19 to work together to build a better country and a better long-term ‘new normal’.

  • The wellbeing of individuals and their wider community is key

    18 March 2020

    COVID-19 has put public health at the top of the nation's priorities, and it's vital to remember that the wellbeing of individuals and their wider community are key to creating a place-based agenda, writes Sheila Oxtoby.

  • Fit for the future

    18 March 2020

    Surrey County Council and PwC outline the ‘very clear and powerful’ shared ambition driving their joint approach to transformation – focused on creating an inclusive and healthy place where people are proud to live.

  • Transforming our thinking about digital

    09 March 2020

    The mission of the London Office of Technology and Innovation is to boost boroughs’ ability to innovate, build common capability, and to foster digital innovation designed to improve lives, says Philip Glanville.

  • Unlocking the potential of towns

    08 January 2020

    As councils and their partners grapple with how to ensure the attention on towns brings real local change, Pippa Coutts of Carnegie Trust UK urges them to focus on local solutions.

  • Clear leadership from the government is needed on public health

    08 January 2020

    Wellbeing should be built into the fabric of Government decision-making when it comes to both policy-making and funding allocation - and it is time for a multi-year funding settlement for public health, says Dr Jeanelle de Gruchy.

  • South of England takes top slots in Sustainable Growth Index

    25 November 2019

    The South of England continues to dominate the top performing places, according to the Grant Thornton 2019 Sustainable Growth Index rankings.

  • District councils play a major role in health and well-being.

    13 November 2019

    If we can keep our most vulnerable residents safe, well and happy in their own homes, this will prevent future health crises that could cost the public purse far more, says Paul Shevlin.

  • COSLA conference: Sturgeon promises 'biggest decentralisation of power' in two decades

    10 October 2019

    The results of the Scottish Government’s local governance review will bring the ‘biggest decentralisation of power’ in the 20 years since devolution, first minister Nicola Sturgeon has promised.

  • It's time to go beyond GDP

    14 August 2019

    Methods such as GDP and GVA have been traditional ways of measuring what matters in our economy - but Andy Norman argues inclusive growth is the future.