• Sunak swipe at EY after audit deadline failure

    24 June 2019

    Local government minister Rishi Sunak has criticised professional services firm EY after it admitted 19 councils will miss their deadline for publishing accounts.

  • Report recommends fully funding social care through taxation

    24 June 2019

    The public backs funding social care through general taxation, according to new polling.

  • Data quality concerns to come under spotlight

    24 June 2019

    Finance directors are to look closely at the information the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government collects from local authorities amid data quality concerns.

  • 'Real cuts' warning after overspend

    24 June 2019

    Rotherham MBC faces having to make ‘real cuts and reductions in service provision’ after recording a £9.6m overspend in 2018/19.

  • Breathing space for next Chancellor

    21 June 2019

    The public finances continue to be robust, offering the next Chancellor scope for tax cuts or spending increases in the Budget though total debt continues to rise.

  • Extra borrowing request after restoration costs rise

    20 June 2019

    Stockton-on-Tees BC councillors will be asked next week to approve an extra £6.5m borrowing after costs for the restoration of a live entertainment venue increased.

  • Combined strategy call to tackle homelessness

    20 June 2019

    The Government should commit to a coherent combined housing and homelessness strategy, a report published today by a commission of experts has urged after a year-long investigation.

  • Spending Review poses 'challenge' for fair funding

    18 June 2019

    A minister has said a one-year settlement for local government would pose a ‘challenge’ for implementing the fair funding review in 2020/21.

  • Jobs cull for Kier

    17 June 2019

    Kier Group is to cut around 1,200 jobs and make savings of £55m over the next two years amid a planned sell-off of many of its commercial interests.

  • Pensions Infrastructure Platform optimistic despite Brexit

    14 June 2019

    A vehicle designed to encourage council pension schemes to invest in UK infrastructure will not launch a fresh fund this year but remains optimistic.

  • Council finding it 'harder to identify and deliver savings'

    14 June 2019

    Knowsley MBC is finding it ‘harder to identify and deliver savings’ given the scale of Government funding cuts, senior councillors will be told next week.

  • Councils to appeal 'town hall Pravdas' ruling

    14 June 2019

    Waltham Forest and Hackney LBCs will appeal after a judge backed Government attempts to stop them publishing a council newspaper every two weeks.

  • No new cash for Greater Manchester local industrial strategy

    14 June 2019

    A former senior civil servant and council chief has questioned the impact of Greater Manchester’s local industrial strategy after it came with no new money.

  • Savings scepticism over election reforms

    12 June 2019

    Election professionals have expressed scepticism that expected savings from reforming the annual canvass will offset the need for Government funding for individual electoral registration (IER).

  • Money, money, money...

    12 June 2019

    Hopes that Government will use the Spending Review to get out of the cycle of short-termism, over-optimism and silo decision-making will almost inevitably be dashed.

  • The art of budgeting

    12 June 2019

    We need to know what extra money we are going to get in the Spending Review, not just a continuation of funding streams such as the Improved Better Care Fund (IBCF), says Tony Kirkham.

  • United view?

    12 June 2019

    Chair of the LGA Lord Porter says the smaller unitaries have ‘probably a larger number of councils close to the edge’. But as Ann McGauran reports, it may be hard to generalise about the financial health of this ‘disparate group’.

  • Jam tomorrow from the Conservative candidates

    12 June 2019

    As the candidates for election as prime minister are targeting 2% of the voters - namely Conservative Party members who are mainly older, white, wealthier, and Brexiteers - it is barely surprising they focus on the goodies, says Michael Burton.

  • Dawes renews commercialisation warnings

    11 June 2019

    The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s (MHCLG) top civil servant has renewed warnings about tougher Whitehall action to prevent risky commercial ventures by councils.

  • Westminster announces u-turn on cuts to youth services

    11 June 2019

    Westminster City Council leader Nickie Aiken has admitted the council made a mistake when it cut funding to youth services.