Pickles in ID for voters call

By Laura Sharman | 12 August 2016

The electoral system in Britain needs widespread reforms to crack down on corruption and fraud, a report from Sir Eric Pickles has warned.

Sir Eric’s report, which was commissioned in the wake of corrupt and illegal practices in the 2015 Tower Hamlets mayoral election, suggests voters should be required to bring identification with them to polling stations and more power for returning officers to crack down.

The report also outlines measures to clamp down on postal vote ‘harvesting’ by political activists, and stronger checks and balances against municipal corruption.

In the report, Sir Eric wrote: ‘We need to make sure that people trust the system and that perceptions can play as big a part in undermining the system as well as actual proof of fraud.

‘A group of people who cheat their way to power are unlikely to hold a higher moral standard when handing out public contracts or when making quasi-judicial decision on planning and licensing. 

‘Electoral registration fraud is connected with financial crime and illegal immigration.’

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