Social Care Institute for Excellence

  • Putting citizens first: National Co-production Week 2023

    03 July 2023

    Kathryn Smith says the results of the Social Care Institute for Excellence’s survey on co-production in the UK present challenges, especially to councils who feel they’re ‘doing’ it well.

  • Hitting the accelerator on integration

    05 September 2019

    A new report launched today at the Healthcare Innovation Expo outlines 15 practical actions for accelerating integrated care. Ewan King and Fiona Russell explain how the resource aims to help practitioners make better use of available evidence.

  • Changing the system for cancer care

    05 June 2019

    Ewan King outlines how the Macmillan Local Authority Partnership Programme (MLAPP) is assessing the needs of people with cancer in a holistic way, with councils playing a crucial role as convenors

  • Co-production – the way forward for our youth

    05 December 2018

    Kate Pieroudis outlines how the Social Care Institute for Excellence is developing a plan to make co-production more recognisable in services for children and young people – and to spread good practice

  • Economic value of social care tends to slip under the radar

    28 November 2018

    The social care Green Paper must set out proposals that recognise the need to develop a motivated, skilled and properly remunerated workforce, says new chairman of the Association of County Chief Executives Anthony May

  • Adopting strengths-based approaches

    03 October 2018

    To deliver improved children’s social care, we need to focus on people’s strengths, and not just their difficulties, says Ewan King