The days after – creating a new learning  community

By Benjamin Taylor | 28 April 2020

We’ve been dynamic to deal with the crisis – and amazing things have been achieved.
How do we learn from these breakthroughs?

Things are still chaotic and confusing! And will be for some time as the ramifications continue.
How do we make sense of things right now and for the future?

How do we prepare for a real reboot in ‘the days after’ the crisis?

We have been working with some core organisations to start to think about these questions – and are now expanding to set up a wider learning community. There is no obligation and no charge. This is a place to share and build learning together.

To join, email

The group will meet fortnightly online, 2-3.30pm on Wednesdays.

The first virtual round table will take place on 13 May: what will we face in ‘the days after’?

An active online scenario planning session – and a look at the ‘three horizons’ model for future thinking.

The second virtual round table will take place on 27 May: how can we do radical rebuilding?
This will look at application of the ‘five worlds’ and ‘five key leadership practices’ applied not to organisations, but to creating place-based, emergent, learning systems.

Further dates are  planned. A core group will meet on the ‘off weeks’ to plan and input, and materials from each session will be shared with all participants. The community is supported with free groups on WhatsApp and

Benjamin Taylor is chief executive of the Public Service Transformation Academy. The Public Service Transformation Academy is sponsored by RedQuadrant 

Creating success from a crisis

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