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Ben Page

Ben Page

Ben Page is global chief executive officer of Ipsos

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As ever the challenge will be execution

By By Ben Page | 09 July 2024

If parties campaign in poetry and govern in prose, after a thrilling campaign, the fun starts her...

What the public wants

By Ben Page | 18 June 2024

Ben Page says if councils can show they can be an effective force, it will encourage the public t...

What next?

By Ben Page | 11 June 2024

Overall there is plenty of sense in what Labour has promised – as ever the challenge will be exec...

Can we learn from the authorities who are coping with austerity well?

By Ben Page | 04 December 2023

AI has huge potential to save time in local government if people can be encouraged to use it, say...

Why it might be better to be French

By Ben Page | 11 September 2023

France's long-term planning – by yes, big government – has given them a better rail network, safe...

If the reading of opinion is faulty, nothing gets done

By Ben Page | 19 June 2023

Public preference and tolerance is commonly underestimated and misunderstood, and we need more le...

Cynicism about politicians reaches all-time high

By Ben Page | 02 May 2023

Ben Page says most people still feel that there is an imbalance in Government spending at a local...

After the interregnum

By Ben Page | 21 March 2023

Ben Page says: 'Voters want growth, reassurance and support – but public finances are not in good...

Mr Sunak will find it hard to meet the funding squeeze the British state now faces

By Ben Page | 26 October 2022

Ben Page says 'we may now be at a point where we need to change our expectations of public servic...

'Cakeism' still seems the solution de jour

By Ben Page | 03 August 2022

Strategic hard choices are ones that most Conservatives – but also many voters at large – are hap...