PAC: Government has 'no roadmap' for fixing social care

The Government has ‘no roadmap’ for fixing the failing social care system and ‘nothing meaningful’ in place that might demonstrate progress, MPs have warned.

The Government has ‘no roadmap' for fixing the failing social care system and ‘nothing meaningful' in place that might demonstrate progress, MPs have warned.

A report by the Public Accounts Committee into the state of the troubled social care system said the Government was falling short on its promise to ‘fix the crisis' and should commit to providing long-term financial support to councils.

It found that chronic understaffing, rising waiting lists and patchwork funding were putting local authorities under increasing pressure.

A PAC spokesperson said: ‘Worryingly, Government has no roadmap for achieving its vision, or any targets or milestones beyond 2025, with nothing meaningful in place to demonstrate progress.'

The committee said it remained 'unconvinced whether Government knows if it is achieving value for money'.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: 'We are committed to reforming adult social care and have invested up to an additional £8.6bn over two years to meet the pressures facing the sector, grow the workforce and improve hospital discharge.'


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